Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My poor, neglected blog

Poor baby! I'm sorry I have neglected you, my little blog!

Alright - hi guys. 

I lost a follower in my absence! *sigh* Oh well!

I wouldn't say I've been "off the wagon". I've been hanging on. Maybe to a little tiny corner with my pinkie finger, but I've hung on!

AND, it's paid off, my friends. No, I haven't lost any weight. But, even with my occasional stress eating and being unable to do my hardcore workouts, I have NOT gained any weight!

That is a VICTORY as far as I am concerned!

But, now is the time to get re-focused. So, I am going to what has motivated me for the last few months. Diet Bet! I just joined another game that starts TODAY. I'm glad. No down time! I'll submit my pic later today and I am already off and running!

This is going to take even more determination now. In 2 days, I will be working for myself. I will have unstructured time that I will have to create structure within. I need to do that immediately, so that I don't get lax with anything.

I'm going to make the gym in the AM a priority. Drop the kids off, hit the gym. Go home, shower, breakfast and work for a few hours. Lunch, housework, Teaching. Pick up kids, teaching, class. Repeat.


Anyway, I'm running to class. But I'll be back more often again.

As always - keep moving forward...