Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sore is Sexy

Is it just me? But I think sore muscles are sexy. I love the feeling of sore muscles, knowing I worked hard for them the day before.
Yesterday was sub-max back squat day. I felt a *little* off my game - my 3rd set I had to drop because my form was going. Form HAS to be #1.

2x5 125
1x5 115

I also did some nice work on snatch-grip deadlift. Challenging, but awesome! Certainly not up to my conventional deadlift numbers, but not bad:

3x8 125

Some 1/2 kneeling DB presses, weighted reverse lunges and reverse crunches rounded out my strength portion. The Met-Con was KILLER and I was TOAST when we was done... 

Strength portion - in 2 minutes:
20 TRX jump squats
5 rope climbs
12 pushups.
The time you have left over (I had about 30-40 seconds) is your "rest". Then we did it again.

Then we moved onto the pure metabolic section - in 2 minutes
15 burpees
20 climbers

20 ground-zero jumps
20 skaters
Again, the time you have left over (I had about 25 seconds) is your "rest". Then we did it again.

WHEW!! It was BRUTAL! 

Bodyology/Tuff Girl has opened up more space, so the new layout is HUGE. I'm so happy for them. They have also hired 2 new trainers in the past 6 months or so. 

The Real Food Challenge is going *OK*. The past few days I have gotten a little lazy, so last night I made myself a list of non-negotiables. I wanted them to be strict enough to keep me on my toes, but not so restrictive I go insane. Sanity is my number 1 priority!

Non-Negotiables for today:
~Drink 64 or more oz of water
~Eat only food that I packed, salad added to lunch is the only exception
~Limit coffee to 3 cups
~No cocoa

These feel good. 
~A major slack for me has been my water, because I want to drink coffee (warm, delightful coffee) all day long. So, limiting my coffee and upping my water go nicely together. 
~Training is my no-brainer today. I'm already signed up to go push some sleds around on the new turf (woohoo!) and do other things that in the moment I might not want to do, but I will feel really good about after.
~Eating just what I packed rules out any goodies that might be laying around work. So, with this solid "rule" in place, I can walk by them without calculating the said item in my head to see if it fits in my plan.
~No cocoa. *sigh* It's always calling me. LOL

 So, that's it for me today...I'm sorry there are still no pictures - I'm still working on my mojo with this!

Keep moving forward!


  1. I know what you mean. Coffee is so tempting. But you have a great plan, good luck with your goal. And better late than never, Happy New Year 2014. :)

  2. Sore muscles are definitely sexy...they turn into nice hard ones! Great plan!