Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend in Pics!

Weekend in pics

Coffee = pre-workout!

Deadlift Day for me!
Pushing around some sleds! BADASS!
Kings of the snow mountain!

Precious brothers!

Josh getting cozy

Train time!

Sam's in love

Sledding Sunday


I did this workout last night from Back On Pointe. I did some substituting (like 1/2 kneeling shoulder press instead of Russian twists), some adding of reps and I did all the pushups on my toes. Whew!

Sweaty, post-workout pic. You're welcome.
I'm reading more and more studies published that shows the study subjects lost more fat and retained more lean muscle on lower carbohydrate, higher protein and fat eating plans. Here is an example:
Study #1

Also, you may have heard recently that cholesterol may not be the heart disease "demon" it has been portrayed as... Many are now thinking highly processed carbs are to blame for CVD.Check out this one:
Study #2

There are more to this effect. What do you guys think? I love your opinion!

No matter what, keep moving forward!

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