Thursday, August 7, 2014

Exhaustion, Birthdays, Ragtime and DietBet

I can hardly keep my eyes open as I write this. It's 7:04am and I have been at work for a while now. After rehearsals every night for Ragtime, getting home after 11:00 each evening, the exhaustion is catching up with me. Thank GOD I had the for-sight to take tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday OFF of work! Hooray! I am TOTALLY sleeping in tomorrow (which will probably mean 7:00am)

Today is my little ones birthday. He is 4 today. Not a baby anymore, for sure. He is an incredible little human being. Smart, sensitive, caring, stubborn, awesome and most definitely his "own man".
Sometimes he even does chores! Ha!
Last night was our second-to-last rehearsal before our show "goes up" tomorrow night. Of course we started snapping pics. I'll share a sneak peek with you:
"Mother" and "Father"
Battling with my weight for what seems like my whole life never gets easier. I may have lost a lot of weight, but those little voices still plague me. I didn't get my costume until yesterday, and they whole time I was thinking "it's not going to fit. What am I going to do if it doesn't fit?" The costume was MADE for me, from my MEASUREMENTS. So, in reality, I didn't really have a lot to be concerned about. But, that didn't stop those voices. *sigh* I guess that will always be a battle?

The show is going to be wonderful. There are still kinks that we need to work on (as with ANY show!). But, if you are in the CT area and want to come support the show, PLEASE let me know! We have a moving and important story to tell here. Or you can go to our theater companies website Round Table Players to reserve tickets.

A little update on my DietBet. As I think I mentioned, I ended up taking part in not one but TWO dietbets this past month! I am excited to say I made my goal! One is ending today and the other tomorrow. Once I post my official weigh-in for them, I'll share it with you. But I'll give you a hint - it's a VERY nice milestone to see AGAIN.

Keep moving forward!

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