Thursday, August 21, 2014

Panicking LEAPS

How do you really know when taking a big leap is worth it?

I guess you don't know.

I guess that's why it's called faith.

But... making a big change is NOT just about me.

It's about my family.

One wrong move and my family could be in financial chaos.

But staying the same... I just don't think that's an option.

But the panic.... oooohhhhh the panic.

It has set in.

Can I really do this?

SHOULD I really do this?

Will it be worth it?

What if I fail?

I'm trying to allow myself, in this situation, to feel like I feel in the gym.
You just DO it.
You keep at it.
YOU make it a SUCCESS.
It takes hard work, discipline.
There are struggles.
But if you work hard enough, you WILL conquer.

But, in the gym, it's just ME.

There is no one but MYSELF to feel the effects if I fail.

But THIS... this... what if... what if...

Freaking out has officially begun. Where will it go now?

Why do "leaps of faith" have to be SO DAMN BIG?


  1. I hear ya. Leasing out my house, quitting my high paying job of 14+ years, moving, taking a lower paying contract job. I know. Change is HARD.

    Take care and have faith that you will make the best decision for you & your family.

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