Thursday, January 1, 2015

Is there anybody out there?

Wow, long time no see, huh? A lot has gone on over the last 4 months and I'll fill you in a bit at a time. So, why am I back? Well, this is one place I can fully vent. Put out my true feelings. I don't have any other place like that right now. So, if there IS someone reading: you're it.
Social media, while full of friends and family, is also now filled with clients and students. So, airing any big insecurities is not a great idea there. Even my Strong Mama K facebook has access to people I may not want to be bearing my soul to.
Anyway, Happy New Year. I'll be back again to give you the story from September on.


  1. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  2. Always nice to see you, Kelliann. Feel free to email / vent privately any time. Update your damned InstaGram! ;)