Friday, February 7, 2014

Re-Vamp, Iron-clad, and adding to the family!

Hmmmm, Iron clad -- could be sexy. But, no, it's not.

Get your minds out of the gutter :-)

Ok guys. I need to lose 40 lbs. Yes. I do. I'm talking in lbs and not in sizes. I know, it seems like I am going backwards. Let me explain.

I was really feeling SOO good about how I was dealing with food. The "It's just food, man" mantra was great! Then... clothes started getting a little tight. No biggie, I thought. I'll log food, make a little deficit. Workout a little more.

"No biggie"

*Ahem*. I found that VERY hard to stick with. I want to just eat all the food with no regard to logging or creating a deficit. And frankly, my schedule will simply NOT allow for any more than 3 times per week to workout.

And the clothes get a little tighter, and I am officially unhappy.

So, what's a girl to do?

She gets on the scale.

Heaves a sigh. And moves on with a different plan. A re-vamp.

The really good thing is that I am still primarily eating really clean, healthy, unprocessed food. So, continuing to do that will be no problem.

The "extras" however, need to just go.

I have been putting creamer in my coffee. It's the Natural Bliss one (so, no added shit in there), but it's still cream and sugar. It's the only way I can drink coffee, so I think coffee will have to go (ugh)

Chocolates here and there, in a really absent-minded way. That's not "eating the food" mindfully. Quite the opposite, obviously.

I am putting together a plan. I need some substitutes (tea for coffee in the AM, maybe some green-tea sipping broth in the afternoon in place of the afternoon coffee... As you can see, the coffee is a problem)

Have you ever tried this? It's very yummy, great when you need something nice and hot!
The chocolates - I just need to make a decision that I will not have any, and it will be an iron clad decision. When I say "a few" or "some" are OK, I'm leaving the door open for it to become absent-minded. When I am more structured and I say "No" chocolates unless it is a planned treat, then there is no hemming and hawing. It just *is*.

Planned treats - I am certainly not back on the course that says perfection is the only way to a goal. I think I have pretty thoroughly established that I am NOT perfect, so, why fight it? I will keep a treat-meal per week, with no worries and no guilt.

So, it's not really about "bad" or "good" foods. It's choosing to eat the foods in the amounts that are going to get me moving toward my ultimate goal - losing a total of 200 lbs.

That's where I really, really want to be.

I'm going to make a time-line, KNOWING that it needs to be flexible. Because LIFE, people! LIFE happens! I'm not going to make myself miserable if LIFE happens and I am not making this goal on my time line. But MAKING the time line makes me feel like I am really in charge of this process.


I think that will be my first mantra.

A little off topic, BUT........

Check out these two little lovies. Going to (HOPEFULLY) get them tomorrow to add to our family!!
Berklee and Posey!

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