Sunday, March 17, 2013


So yesterday I felt pretty good and we did some things... Which may have included lifting up Thing 2 a few times and walking a lot. Getting pulled in several directions might have been thrown in there too.

Now, there is blood in my drains. Fuck. 😑

I'm emotional right now anyway, but I can't stop crying. 😒I'm terrified I have screwed something up, and that I'll have to keep these tubes in longer. I'm not really in pain, but I'm scared.

Why am I such a moron. ❓❓❓

πŸ€It's St. Patty's Day, and my sweet Mimas birthday, who is celebrating in Heaven. I miss her tons, but she is certainly happy up there with The Lord. Love you, Mima. πŸ€

I'll keep you guys posted. Doc's appointment at 9:30 in the AM


  1. I did the same thing. Too much too soon and then I'd nearly pass out and I would hurt sooooo badly and then fear something was wrong. It never was...I just needed more rest and to listen to my doc and body more. And the crying was pretty normal too. The whole thing is just hard but you'll get through it. You are strong!

  2. As you already know by now, things always seem worse than they really are..don't you feel silly now?? :-)

  3. Hope things get better