Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm sorry for the long pauses between posts. I'm glad to know some of you have been concerned about what's been up.

My progress is going very well. I am healing well, and I am actually back to work today. I'm quite tired still, so, I think it will be a 1/2 day today, but getting back into the swing of things is very helpful to my mental/emotional health.

The doc has OK'ed me to walk, and do the recumbant bike at the gym. I cannot resume anything I would call "normal" (Tuff Girl, lifting, spinning, group classes) for at least another 3 weeks. It's killing me, but I need to heal. If I screw it up and go too fast, it will only lead to damage and more respite. Can't. Do. That.

Working on eating clean and getting in water. Water is really tough, because it actually makes my abdomen feel uncomfortable if I drink too much at once. So, I have to teach myself to constatly sip, instead of down a bottle at a time. Speaking of which.... *sip*

This week is a long one - Holy Week means more church activity. It's ok. I'm glad to be busy. I'm still catching up with school work. I realized early on that narcotic pain meds and studying do not mix. So, I'm a little further behind than I would like. However, I made some other admissions to myself:

I may not get A's in both of my classes this semester.
I may not make the Dean's list this semester.
I need to be OK with this.
I'm working on being OK with this.

I am joining the clean eating challenge on April 7 (my birthday present to myself!). I love being part of this group. The support system is something I need right now and I know it will be incredibly helpful. It's not a competition of any sort, it is mearly being a part of a supportive group of people, going down the same path. It lasts for 4 weeks.

I have made some new fitness goals. I will update you on them all soon. There is not "goal weight" but there is a goal for body fat %. Right now, that goal is 25%. It may seem high to some of you, but that's my goal for now.

That's all for now. I'm going to finish up some work and head home a little early from work to get some rest.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have not kept up with my blog reading - I'll try to get back into it soon.

Peace, friends.