Friday, March 14, 2014

Crawling out...

As I get a bit back to normal (thank you Dr. Psychiatrist man) I am feeling calmer. I hate being on medication to regulate my mood. However, I will take being pissed about that over being in a big, huge, black hole.


So, just a little bit on what I have been doing. And where I am headed.

Things I know:

No matter how low you feel in life, someone else is suffering more. No matter how miserable I feel, I still need to give to others that are doing worse.

Hubby and I have a friend in the hospital. She recently had to have surgery, and is now in treatment for her illness, and the treatment is very difficult. We took some time last 
weekend to make her this blanket.

It came out really pretty. I love the color combo, and she really loved it as well. 

Last night I came across this picture. It was taken almost a year ago. I remember trying on this dress and loving it, but thinking I wanted to lose another 20 lbs. I look at it now, and I have 30 lbs to get BACK there. 

Working things on my own are not working. I cannot focus. I slipping and sliding everywhere. 

So, I am reaching out for help.

I am going to start working with a nutritional consultant from Bodyology. I’ve spoken with him extensively now, and trained with him a lot. He knows about some of my history, and he will know more very soon. 

I feel confident that if I can get some focus – someone focused on ME and MY specific nutritional needs, it will help ME to focus on ME.

I am excited about this. Communication with him is key, and he has already made clear that we will be in touch in one way or another every day. 

This is what I need. 

I am feeling exhausted by everything I am doing. This takes a little bit of brainwork out of the plan I am following. He tells me. I do it. I communicate with him on problems, issues, and he helps me troubleshoot. He understands and is supportive, but also straightforward and to the point.

I will keep you all posted on how things are transpiring. Moving in the right direction…

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  1. Good luck in working with the nutritional consultant!