Friday, March 28, 2014


Oh Friday, I have been longing for you for... well, a week!

Food, water, activity are all going strong, and I weigh in tomorrow. I am really excited to see the results.

I'm learning to tweak my day better so that I get a good, even amount of protein at each meal and to get between 140-160 grams per day. I am still trying to get to the 160 mark, but I am OK with it as long as I'm at least close to 140. I am normally eating 4 meals a day, but if I get really hungry, I will eat again. 


Salad with about 4 oz of tuna. Protein Power!

My last workout was Wednesday. Iron WOman is one of the hardest workouts I think we do at Bodyology. It was the one that I first cried in oh-so-long-ago. The metabolic section has changed slightly, and I am pretty positive it has gotten harder:

I not only conquered this bitch, BUT I did it with ADVANCED reps for EVERY section. INCLUDING metabolic. I reached 185# on my sumo DL, and 80# on my floor press (40# each hand), and 25# on my squat and press (I've been stuck at 20# forever!)

The Metabolic section is basically doing all 6 exercises, 10 reps each, continuously until the 10 minutes is over.

I ended the workout with the metabolic component, just to be extra hard on myself. ;-)

I felt AMAZING. I mean, you know, EXHAUSTED, but AMAZING.

Workout tomorrow morning, and then the day is going to be focused on my sick little boys. Thing 1 started with a fever and terrible cough/headache last weekend, and it's still lingering. Thing 2 is NOW starting with the same thing. I think we will likely be quarantined this weekend, with plenty of snuggling, Motrin, and soup. 

I hope your weekend is fever and cough free!

Keep moving forward...

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