Monday, October 15, 2012

Update on my testing

By this morning I was DYING to see or hear ANYTHING. I left the doc a message and had not heard anything, so I took a chance and went over to medical records. I signed my release of info and LUCKILY the girl there printed everything for me...

Ultrasound: NO arterial stenosis, everything looks NORMAL
Blood work: NORMAL
Chest X-ray: NORMAL

Can I say I teared up just reading it. I am so fucking grateful.

This weekend was just a bunch of nervous stress, waiting waiting waiting. Doc's orders I couldn't do bootcamp on Saturday, but I DID go to the gym on Sunday. I just HAD to move my body. I felt like a slug and I knew my head would feel clearer once I went. I didn't go nuts, a walk/run on the dread-mill. And yes, I felt a million times better after.

Now, knowing that everything looks good, I can't WAIT to get my sweat on tonight. YES.

We still don't know what made the sounds the doc was hearing, but I can't imagine that if these tests all say things are fine, that there could be any issue.

SO, on to OTHER stuff - ANYTHING but this testing crap.

Looks like I lost a few followers. I guess I offended/bored someone so much they dropped me. lol

Seriously, though, I appreciate followers, but this blog is for me. It's my journal that happens to be online that people can check out if they feel like it. If you don't like what you are reading, please go read something else. I don't need any more negativity in my life!

I have already registered for NEXT years Rugged Maniac. Yes... I have finally come to terms with my race. I DID IT. NO one else did it for me. I only needed marginal help on a few things, and I could have BAILED but I DIDN'T.

So, I am back to believing that I rock. Or, I am at least going to "fake it till I make it"

For next year, I roped my hubby into doing it. Now we gotta whip him into shape. We are going to start with running. By next year, I want us to be able to run a 10K by then, so that the 5K feels much easier.

One thing I can reflect on with the RM is my core strength was my weakness. With more core strength, my balance would have been better and things like swinging over the shorter walls and feeling steady up on the top of the taller ones would have been better. Another goal.

I still have my other goals - my box jumps are a particular one I am working on CRUSHING.

That's all for now. It's taken me all day just to write this. Class tonight, then a run. This week is nutty as normal. We have parent/teacher conference for Thing 1 on Thursday. I can't waitit hear how much my kid rocks from someone else... uh, I mean, ummm, to be sure he is being a good boy. :-)

Keep moving forward...


  1. So glad you got some much needed good news! The newest issue of Oxygen Magazine has a good core workout in it, if you're looking for one. :)

    1. Ohhh yes, I saw that! Just got my hands on my copy yesterday... :-)

  2. Hey glad to hear about the results!! Have a good one, YOU ROCK!!!


  3. Fantastic news, chica. I am so relieved.

  4. Congrats on the news:) What a huge weight lifted!!!!

  5. OMG - what a stressful, crazy thing to have gone through! So glad that you got good news!!

  6. I'm a wee bit late in telling you this - but man, was I glad to read your good news! :-)