Friday, November 8, 2013


Before I get into any frivolous post: Please, please take a moment to think of the people in the Philippians right now, doing battle with the most ferocious storm in history. If you don’t pray, send good vibes. Then, get ready to stand up and help these people. They are going to need it.

We all know that change is the only constant in life.

Whenever I’m going through a bad time in life, my mom will always say “Remember, nothing stays the same. Everything always changes”

And she is so right.

A few months ago when I thought I would be unable to continue Bodyology, I was so incredibly crushed. If you have been following me for a while, you know what an important impact this establishment and the trainers have had on my strength, my fitness, and most of all, the self-esteem and confidence.

So it is with that confidence that I make the full decision to leave Bodyology for now. Hubby has made a pact with me. He KNOWS how important Bodyology is to me, and the fact that I am willing to replace it to workout with him on a regular basis – well, let’s just say he knows what a huge deal that is.

But, we are starting a different fitness journey together. It’s exciting, to be sure. I’m excited and happy to re-incorporate different fitness aspects back into my training. Spinning, Kickboxing, Yoga, lifting, HITT training. Bring it on – ALL of it!

Handing in my case study and taking my exam (which was HARD) was a weight lifted off my shoulders. At least for the weekend… oh wait. I just remembered I have an exam on Monday in my other class.

Crap. *Sigh* Eh, whatcha gonna do? The price of striving for what you want.

This weekend is very busy and special at church as well. Our new senior minister candidate will preach and be voted upon by the congregation. It’s been a very long road to get here, and it’s very, very exciting.

All this, plus other things that must get done will make for a very busy weekend. Just for fun, let’s do a run down. I have a feeling this might give me a heart attack:

5:30 – Mimi (my mom) picks up kids so Hubby and I can go to a cast party (yeah!)

7:30 – Bodyology (I’m taking classes till the end of the month)
9:00 – pick up kids from mom
9:30-1:30 Shower, dress, bake for meet-and-greet, hang with kids, study, clean
2:00 – be at church to help set-up for senior minister meet-and-greet
3:00-5:00 – meet-and-greet
5:00 – clean up
6:00 – Major studying for exam on Monday, laundry, cleaning our room (looks like a cyclone hit it), change our kids clothes to all arm stuff and correct sizes (God, they grow like weeds!)

9:00 - Choir rehearsal for church
10:00 - Special Service
11:15 - Set-up for special meeting, meeting, vote
12:15 - reception
1:00 – grocery shopping
2:00 – start cooking for week, let kids play outside, get homework finished, book-bags packed, clothes laid out.
7:00 – kids bath, bed
8:00 – continue studying for exam Monday
10:00 Fall over

Yup – gives me stomach pain just looking at it. But, there are people who have it a lot busier! I’m grateful for everything I get to do right now. I’m healthy and able. What a blessing.

Peace to you all. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh, that's crazy busy with whipped topping and two kids on top. :D

  2. What a pack days. :) But having to-do list like this shows that you are an organize kind of person. As for me, I still need to work with my own list to stay organize. Very poor with that :)