Thursday, November 7, 2013

School Stressors and Row Machines

First – workout updates!

The workout I posted in my last entry went really well – the only modification was that we did each mini-circuit 2x instead of 3x. I came down about 10# on each of my lifts and even a little more on the Romanian Dead Lifts. BUT – my hams still feel it! 

Here was yesterdays goodie:

Row Machine Sandwich Workout (it made me want to eat a sandwich when we were done! LOL)
Rowing 500 M
10 Pull-ups (5x2) (assist machine)
10 Resistance band stability/core

10 step-ups (each leg)
10 Push-ups
30 second plank (stable or up-down)

15 Kettle bell swings (20#)
15 tricep dips
Rowing 500 M


Doing each x2 was the perfect amount of active recovery for me. I can use this again, up it to 3x through each and it would be more on par with a normal workout.

And the x2 was perfect push workout for my hubby. He wasn’t happy yesterday AT ALL. In his defense, he warned me that he might be pissy this first week. It’s not with me, but with him. The step ups were very difficult for him (The only steps they had were a little high for someone starting out), but he wouldn’t tell me why, and he wouldn’t allow me to change to a different exercise. LATER he tells me his knees were killing him.

ACK!!! I explained that he HAS to tell me these things. His response??

“But you always read everywhere that you need to “push through the pain””


So, we talked about this. We talked about how joint pain and muscle “burn” (because you are working a muscle hard) are VERY, VERY different things. That pushing through joint pain is DANGEROUS.

I also DARED him to find me ANY research that says you should “push through” knee pain.

(not holding my breath on that one)

I think he gets it. I told him if we are going to work out together, he needed to be up-front and totally honest with me. We made that pact.

Another note on yesterday’s workout – I am developing a love/hate relationship with the row machine! It hurts so good!

Today in my Nutrition III class, I have a project (case study) due AND an exam. I have to say, as a former university instructor – this is POOR PLANNING unless you are trying to make your students insane. IF, however, that is your goal – WELL DONE.

I also have another gripe about this case study. There is certain information that is required in this paper that is found in a very specific professional resource book. This book was not on the list of needed resources for this class that we receive that the start of the semester. When I asked the instructor about it, she told me she “assumed we had it” from another class.

This is a BAD assumption. I am a part time, evening only student. This means that the class that she ASSUMED I already had obtained the book from I have NOT TAKEN yet.

But this info was not imparted until last week. Too late to get the book (and no money to do so). So NOW, I need to take PTO hours from work today to go to school, find the book in the library (pray for me please) to get this corrected terminology.

I’m sorry – tell me that don’t suck?

Anyway, enough bitchin’. Walking on lunch break today, but no formal workout because of class. Tomorrow is blissful Friday…

Peace, my peeps.

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  1. Good luck. I am so thankful to be done with school and I honestly can't imagine going through it again with sanity intact!