Thursday, November 14, 2013

weights and mood going up!

Sorry for the lack of posting… Thing 1 was sick, and I was off work taking care of him… now I have a cold, but it’s no biggie. Just Sniffly and Sneezy. I’m like 2 of the 7 dwarves in 1. Ha!

Taking some rest time last week had its good and bad points. The good out-weighed the bad, for sure; however, the bad points are a little… um… painful.

As in, my poor, poor lats! LOL

Actually, most of my body is on fire right now, due to going back to my normal lifting schedule and going back to balls to the wall. (litteraly – we did wall-balls yesterday!) The GREAT thing is I felt like I was ABLE to do that.No longer totally exhausted! I guess I really did need it. Not only was I able, but went UP on a few of my weights:

#50 on single arm rows – 10x3

#80 Dumbbell floor press – 10x1, 8x1 (then #35x2), 2x1 (then #35x8)

#200 DL 3x1, 4x1

#95 Bench 3x2

Hands down, my barbell shoulder press is my weakest/slowest-to-develop lift. It’s so hard for me to lift strict, and not give myself a little “oomph” at the bottom. Worked at #70x3x2 yesterday, but the last few I needed that little pop from my lower body to stick it. Any lifters out there have any advise on this? Just keep trying?

I am slowly incorporating some more guidelines into my eating right now. Not rules. Not restrictions, just guidelines.

1. Eating only when hungry. This is something I work on continuously. I likely will for a very long time.

2. No more Starbucks. You guys know the Bux has been a thorn in my side for a while. I’ve had an on-off love affair with them. But frankly, they are just too pricy. And, they give me gas. So, to save my marriage, I have decided this is a must.

3. No more snacking in bed. For a while, my body was on a schedule where I was totally ravenous right before bed, so I would put together a little snack and bring it up to relax in bed and munch. Well, now I’m really not hungry right before bed and it’s just more of a habit than a necessity. Please see #1. IF I am hungry at that time of day, I will eat my snack downstairs and THEN go to bed.

These are the things I am concentrating on for the moment. Keeping things simple and focusing on just a few things at a time keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. Less overwhelmed = much happier girl.

How are you guys doing out there? Eating food? Lifting weights?

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