Thursday, September 23, 2010

Contacts, contacts, contacts

So, I thought a good way to continue the movement toward my goal without being able to get into classes yet is to contact as many working professional registered dietitians as possible and ask them lots and lots of questions.

Where did they get their education?
What degree (degrees) do they hold?
What does their current job entail?
Have they held other positions? What did they entail?
Approximate salary (I don't always expect to get an answer for that question)
How long have they been working?
Do they LIKE/LOVE their job???

I am really hoping to be able to have an open conversation regarding these topics.
That is if any one of them ever gets back to me.

Is it not feasible to expect someone may be willing to take some time to chat with someone who would like to be in the field? I know if I was approached by someone who wanted to go into music, or into teaching, I would be more than happy to sit down with them, have a cuppa and chat.

Granted, I have just started contacting people. But I have not received one response as of yet. Not even a "no".
So, I will persevere. Keep trying, and keep mapping out my plan. Right now, the plan is to start with good old Biology at gateway over the winter interim. An accelerated course. This could be great, or it could be bad, bad news for the girl who hasn't gone near a bunson burner since junior year of high school. We'll see.

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