Monday, September 27, 2010


What a fantastic meeting!
I met with Joanne Hoffmann of eats4life ( to speak with her about her career. She obviously LOVES what she does and her excitement is positively infectious. She cares so much for her clients and their well being. She explained to me about her program, and how she got to where she is. She is actually not a registered dietitian, but a personal nutritional consultant. She got to where she is by using a plan she herself used to lose weight and modifying it to suit people in everyday life, using real food.
Her situation is not what I thought it would be, and I think that it has it's pros and cons. Pros - no specific school requirement. However, that is also something that makes me a little nervous. Sure, I have my own experiences, but who is going to want to hire me based on that? Meh.
It took Joanne years to get to where she's at. She is very successful and is running this business herself, but is part time work for her. I am unsure if she has her own insurance. Her husband does all her books and taxes for her. It's these reasons I really don't want to be in business for myself. But the kid of work she does is EXACTLY what I want to do.
So, the outcome is.... well, I know more than ever that I really want to do this. But, I am still confused, so far, as to exactly how to go about it.

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