Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Life, New Blog

Here we are! I mean, doesn't it seem that all new things begin with a blog? This blog will be dedicated to my step by step process of becoming... uh... something other than what I am. Yeah, that's clear. I have been thinking for a while that I need a change in career. There are many pros and cons to this decision. I won't go into all of them - but my largest obstacle right now is education. I have a masters degree - go ahead, be impressed. EXCEPT that it's in music. And not just music, but performance. While that is impressive (somewhat) in the music world, well, it just isn't in the real world. The real world (aka - an education that will get you a lucrative job, preferably in something you enjoy) requires things like Biology, Finite Math and the like. Things I never needed to take in my small music school in New Jersey. This puts me at a disadvantage, especially seeing as I am still paying (out the nose, mind you) for the education that I am now seeing as practically defunct.
So, you see this will be quite a path. As things stand, I am very interested in becoming a nutritionist/dietitian specializing in bariatrics. Is this really possible? Who knows. The degree I need to become a registered dietitian is a 4 year program. I will only be able to go part time, as I have to start working full time as well. This could take forever. Will it be worth it? Well, keep reading to find out.


  1. YAY! you go, girl! At 32, a 4-year degree is incredibly do-able. Doing what you love will make it all worthwhile (like those beautiful babies!!) :)

  2. You can DO IT, Kelliann. Keep moving forward, one baby step at a time!!!