Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The plan

Ok all - here is the ultimate, overall plan:
Obtain a degree as a registered dietitian. This included approx. 3-4 semesters of coursework and an internship type program that encompasses approx. 1200 hours. This is UNPAID, and is most likely tuition required.
Along with this Bachelors, obtain a minor in psychology. Having this as a minor will allow me some wiggle room to counsel as well.
This, of course, is how long it would take as a full time student, which I will not be. So, this is how I plan to start things off.
Gateway Community College has the least expensive courses, by far. My plan is to begin taking the basic courses, like Biology, Chemistry, etc there. They offer accelerated courses, and some are even online or what they call a "hybrid" course, which means all class work online and lab work in class. And since I can take a typical 3 credit course for about $300, it's much more feasible than taking a 3 credit course at UNH for approx $2100.
"But", you must be exclaiming - "You WORK at UNH! You MUST be able to go there for free!". Haha. One would think I would be able to take at least a certain number of credits for free. Alas. As an adjunct (read - bitch) we can take credits for half price, but only as many as you have taught the previous year. For example. Last year, I taught 15 credits, so this year, I am eligible to take up to 15 credits at a %50 rate reduction in tuition. Using the numbers from above, it still makes more financial sense to take classes at good ol' Gateway.
Now, when we get into the core courses for the degree - this is where it gets tricky. UCONN offers the same program, and instate tuition is just shy of $10,000. UNH is just shy of $29,000. By that point, I won't be an instructor there anymore, so the 50% reduction will no longer be an option. *sigh*
So, what have we learned? It's expensive to go to school. But, we already knew that. We have also learned that to get where I want to be - it's going to take a while. And while that bothers me a bit - I am 32, and let's face it, I'll probably be working till I'm 70 (unless I win the lotto. Hey, a girl can dream.) Therefor, even though this may take a bit of time, I have 40 years of career ahead of me. I really want to spend it doing something worth wild.

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