Sunday, December 12, 2010

5K... or, not so much

Well, I should be just about crossing the finish line at a 5K race this morning, but when we woke up to high winds, pouring rain, and cold temps - plus finishing 2 concerts in a row and having 2 sick kids, we decided to punk out on this one.
I am not disappointed.
My last run on the treadmill was my best time yet 41:13. I am really super excited about it. I have shaved 6 minutes off my longest time. That's awesome. I am very proud. I want to keep it up so that when the races start again in spring, I'll be really ready.
Things career wise are moving - slowly. I can being work on my online Psych class on Monday, so I plan on devoting 1 hour each night, starting Monday, to doing that, so that I am not overwhelmed. I have never taken an online only class, and frankly, I haven't been in class, as a student, for a while. I'm a little nervous, but I am sure I can make it happen. It may be stressful, but I'll get it done.
There are a few things I am working on in regards to classes. There is a class called Fundamentals of Human Communication required for both majors - however, I am trying to propose that my years of teaching in the class room should equate to that. I mean, how much more can I learn about human communications when I have had to do it as a career for the past 4 years? I am hoping they will see that my way. We will see.
I have another interview for a job at Yale tomorrow. I am feeling very confident. Once I start there, they will pay for classes, so I will just need to put out the money for this semester. No biggie. I found the kids a great care facility. Nursery school for Josh 3 full days a week, and care for Sammy 2 full days, with the other days being at Grandma's. I think it's a nice compromise, especially for Josh, who needs school and playmates and interactions. It doesn't feel as hard as it once did.
There are so many things going on personally. Christmas is coming, job searching, classes, kids, hubby, housework, Mima in hospice, concerts, lessons, workouts, eating plans... wow, when I list it like that I wonder how it all works out, but somehow we are making it work.
So, today is just another day of balancing it all. Lessons, grocery shopping, gym, Mima, kids, trying not to get sick, prepping for interview... all in a days work, I guess.

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  1. So sorry about your mima Kelli! I hope the interview at Yale is for what I am hoping it is for?? Good Luck!!