Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

New Years Eve. Just sat down after it took hours to get both kids to sleep. Even as I type this, I hear one stirring and I am praying he won't wake up.
I've said it before - I don't like resolutions. But, there is something refreshing about January 1. Especially 1/1/11. Will I wake up in the morning miraculously better from my cold? Will my kids? No, but, can I use the momentum of 1/1/11 to help me feel more positive about my life in the coming year? Yes, I think I can.
I plan on getting up in the AM and hitting the gym. I have a lesson to teach and then I am getting a wonderful hair cut and color. That always makes me feel like a new woman.My only other goal for tomorrow is to simply return to the way things normally are. Use my protein shakes, stick with my proteins, and do this until my cleanse begins on the 9th. I really feel as though this change in diet is going to be eye opening for me. I am very excited about it.
I have a lot of goals for 2011. (Mind you, NOT resolutions) Here are some I have been thinking about
1. Get and maintain a full time job with benefits - ASAP
2. Get to my goal weight of 180
3. Run at least 2 more 5K races. (My first one back after winter will be March 6)
4. Explore plastic surgery options for my panniculectomy (a version of a tummy tuck) and arm lift.
5. Continue toward my goal of becoming a weight loss and fitness consultant.
6. Catch up on my student loans and get rid of my credit card debt.
7. Feel happier. Not sure what exactly will help me do this. Time? Moving on in my career change? Sammy sleeping through the night? Who knows, but something has to do it.
Boy, the list got longer as I was typing. LOL
I don't like to put time stamps on my goals - it seems to stress me out unnecessarily and then I tend to self-sabotage. So, I will simply say that these are what I want to accomplish this year. And I CAN do it, because I can do ANYTHING.
So, what do YOU want to accomplish this year?

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