Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, as you can probably tell from my workout schedule, its been a tough 2 weeks.
We have been through a lot recently. A terrible stomach bug that swept my entire family (19 members at last count, plus some from Anthony's family) and on Dec 20, my precious Mema passed away in hospice care. She was diagnosed with lung cancer with mets to the brain on Oct. 27. Approx a month later it was found to be in her liver. She was admitted to hospice care and passed 2 weeks later, without pain, surrounded by her daughters. You think you have prepared yourself for it, knowing how ill she became and how quickly it spread, but you can never be fully prepared to be left by your second mother. My Mema meant the world to me. I miss her so much. I called her house, knowing she wouldn't answer. I closed my eyes and imagined her sweet voice saying "hello?" and I cried. Sometimes I still can't believe she is gone.
Christmas has come and gone. I struggled to make it happy and exciting for my boys. It took so much energy just to do that, but I feel like they had a nice day. My family came over and we also go together the next day. We all had a shot amaretto in honor of Mema. *sigh* This was also the first X-mas without my cousin Brian, which would have been hard enough. It's just been a really hard year.
On to career/school/work info - my online class has begun and I tried to get some of the work done yesterday and I am determined to get some done today. It's a very short period of time to get all of this done, but I have to do it. Just do it.
I had a great job interview at Yale. I am feeling very confident I will receive a call soon and will begin work after the new year. I will NOT count my chickens yet, but I am feeling good. I know I have mentioned before, but one wonderful thing about Yale is that they will pay for my Gateway classes.
On January 4, I can go into Gateway and sign up for 2 classes for the Spring on a payment plan, since even if I do get the job at Yale, my benefits won't start for 30 days.
I'm back on my workout schedule - I hope anyway. There is a blizzard going on currently (yes, literally) so I am hoping to get to the gym later, or I can do a workout at home. I am dragging my sis-in-law, Sarah, to a Tuff Girl Bootcamp tomorrow morning and I am very excited. After all the holiday eating, I am feeling sluggish and I can't wait to clean things up. Still considering doing the Tuff Girl cleanse. I have to check the finances to see if it's possible. Of course, I will report here all about it.
That's all for now. I am hoping this coming year is a better one for my family.

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  1. Everything balances Kelli...I have learned that over the years. You are overdue for some good things to come your way. I have my fingers crossed for you. Huggggs,