Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finding the Balance

I thought a lot about balance last night as I conquered a workout called "Powerhouse Playground" which featured a lot of one-sided movements. Single-arm TRX rows, Single leg TRX squats, single arm surrenders - you get the picture.

As I was wobbling around, trying to keep my balance on the TRX single leg squats, I thought a lot about balance. I sucked in my core and that helped me a lot with the squats. If only it was so easy with all other aspects of a healthy lifestyle!

(As a side note, my absolute favorite part of the workout was when I was doing side pulls with weighted sleds, and my 39-week-pregnant trainer hoped on the sled because it "didn't look hard enough" Haha!!)
Not me. LOL

When it comes to my weight loss, I have options. 

>>> I could go hardcore. Cut my calories to nothing. Eat only chicken and broccoli. Workout everyday, tired or not, and lose weight pretty quickly.

And be pretty miserable.

>>> Or I can say "screw this. I don't need to lose these last 40lbs. I can just buy bigger pants!"

And be pretty miserable.

>>> Or, I can concentrate on making healthy choices. Keep my calories at a level that I won't be hungry and miserable. Keep my exercise level high, but listen to my body and rest when I need it. And slowly, very...very...slowly...drop the weight.

It's NOT glamorous. It's NOT "commercial". But it's BALANCE. 

still not me.

I think we all know the way to go here. 

But balance is HARD. Too much food, too little exercise means NO weight loss. Too much restriction means my ED brain goes berserk and I binge on all the food. 

And it is SUCH a fine line! I am constantly teetering back and forth on that line. I get frustrated with my slow progress and I think I'm "just being lazy". Then I restrict and I binge, bringing me back to square one, and my self-esteem plummeting.

So, what does staying in balance mean for me?

~ eating enough of all the good, diverse. whole foods my body needs
* Having treats, just not everyday
~ Exercising and pushing my physical limits
* Resting when I'm very tired and my body is having a hard time
~ Push myself outside of my comfort zone
* Breathe and remember I am only human

Keeping all of these things in mind is really freaking hard. Looks simple on paper. Really doing it takes a lot of work.

But as always, I have to keep moving forward!

What about you? How do you find your balance?

ETA: I TOTALLY forgot to snap pics of the sushi I had for dinner last night to include in my food pics from yesterday! Fail! I'm not used to thinking of it before I devour my meals. I'll keep trying, if you are interested!

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