Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Goals, Weigh In

Happy Monday! (yes, I was using my sarcasm font there. I don't love Mondays. Who does?)

First and foremost - Weigh In on Saturday morning - down 2 lbs. Not bad, but not great considering one of them was from my gain from last week. Meh. Moving on.

I've started a weekly goal challenge over at my Facebook Page. Anyone who wants to have some accountability for goals they set for the week can post them, get feedback and support. I think it will catch on!

My goals for the week:
1. Salad with protein for lunch everyday:
    Generally this is tough because making a fresh salad everyday is a lot more time consuming simply using all my bulk cooked food from my weekly Sunday cook-a-thon. But, I'm determined to see this one through. Trying new combos of veggies, meats, add-ins, etc. Here is my salad for today:

Garden variety lettuce, broccoli slaw, red peppers, carrots, can of tuna, sunflower seeds, a few almonds, a few craisins, feta, green olives, peppers and good seasons dressing mixed with oil and vinegar. Very tasty, very filling!

2. Substitute a clean protein shake in for my afternoon snack. Today is AboutTime chocolate.

3. Up workouts to 4 times this week (Scheduled for M, W, S and S)

(4. Unofficial goal - because I'm trying to stick to 3 - at least 90 oz of water per day.)

I really like these goals because I feel they are going to move me quickly toward my weight loss goal.

Oh, another WIN for today - finally found a happy medium in regards to my coffee: I bought some pure stevia (not the kind in the grocery store mixed with maltodextrin - yuck) and just 1/16th - no, I did NOT mis-type that - 1/16th of a teaspoon sweetens my whole 16 cup of coffee.

How do I know it's 16th? Because it's half of my 1/8th teaspoon. No. Joke.

This weekends workouts were pretty awesome. Saturday was back squat for reps: (the TOD on the right)

WHEW~ it was tough by the last set!

I was very sore from the squats on Saturday when I went back for more last night. The workout was much more metabolic. Take a look:

Each mini "circuit" is done 2x through = 8 intervals per circuit
Same here: each mini "circuit" is done 2x through = 8 intervals per circuit

Intervals: 48seconds of work, 12 seconds of rest. 48 seconds of rest/transition after each full cycle of each circuit

It was KILLER!! 

WHEW! Exactly what I needed!


I just might! HA!

On Saturday night, hubby and I got to get a way for a little bit, and we headed for our favorite store to browse around in: Hobby Lobby. That, my friends, is when I became a leprachaun:

Have you ever forced yourself to eat things that are healthy, just because you thought you should? Maybe it tastes awful to you. Maybe it gives you bloating and gas, but, it's HEALTHY! You just GOTTA eat it!! What was it? How did you handle it?

Keep moving forward!


  1. For me, it was broccoli, cauliflower & brussell sprouts. I actually love roasted brussell sprouts now - who knew??

  2. One of the things I decided to do, in 2012, to lose weight was to rethink it all from square one. I decided that the certain vegetables that cause me problems, such as broccoli, were just not going to be the veggie in full servings for me. I also prefer cucumber based salad over lettuce based salad, because for some reason, I find lettuce messy and annoying. So I've taken a few veggies out, but most stayed in. It feels less diet-y when I can say no to certain diet-type foods. :-)