Monday, February 10, 2014

Strong Mama K - Striving for 200

Welcome to my new, improved, and FOCUSED blog!

As you can tell by the title ---- I have a new and awesome goal!

Let's go back. I want to explain.

You guys know I've had a regain.

I didn't really know the extent of it until the end of last week. 

I knew I needed to get a handle on things before everything went to shit.

I looked back this weekend and tried to really figure out what went wrong (uhh, BESIDES just eating too much, cause you know, THAT happened)

I know that a bulk of this weight gain happened when I shifted focus to lifting heavy. Lifting heavy = eating more. Eating more = lifting heavier. 

Enter the cycle!

Squatting my 90% - 135

I LOVE lifting heavy. I have really, REALLY loved seeing my strength grow. Buuut... my growing waist line is not making me happy. I was super happily eating to my hearts content, and the lbs were creeping on.

I really had to decide. I can watch my lifting weights go up faster, and struggle to keep my weight down. OR, I can get much more focused about my eating, watch my strength improve at a slightly lower rate and get my body fat down

Well, I guess you know what I have chosen!

So, I'll be updating on my workouts more frequently. I am adding more metabolic back into my training. I cannot train any more than 3 times per week because of scheduling and other priorities, so my diet has to be stellar.

My eating plan: If you have been reading me for a while, you know. I'm back to clean eating. Very, very little processed foods. But I am doing this in 2 stages.

Stage 1 - eliminate processed foods, including added sugars. Dairy will be kept to a minimum. Lots of veggies, lean protein (animal and vegetarian), fat, some fruit. 

Stage 2 - Continue above, and reduce carbohydrate intake to help lean out when I get a little closer to my goal. 

I will lose 45 lbs.

1lb at a time.

I won't be perfect, but I am focused. Taking one step at a time! 



  1. Hi Kelliann, Last year, I talked ad nauseum about my issues with feeling like a wimp in the gym when I ate a calorie deficit. If you read any of the Joe Weider weightlifting books, they discuss how the bodybuilders lift much lighter (to their frustration) when eating low amounts of calories. I guess you just have to always give 100%. That's how I've reconciled any gym time that wasn't up to my gold standard. If I gave it everything--then I do. What more could I do?!

    And I have talked to some guys who used to be big and lift very heavy, but then lost weight, and lost some of their strength with it. They say there are pros and cons to both situations, but they are not unhappy with losing their weight. So I gained some comfort from that. And--all of the hanging exercises got much easier when I got lighter. So some exercises got better as I got lighter. Don't forget those exercises, because they will make you feel a little better about it all. :D

  2. Glad you are back and refocused! Reading other motivated bloggers helps keep me on the path too. :-)