Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just another manic Tuesday


Work sucks.

I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

Many of you out there are working a job (or jobs) you don't like.

Being a person of action, I really hate the feeling of being "stuck" or "trapped" in anything. I am taking strides to find work I love, but that involves school. I'm taking as many classes as I can handle at one time (2 per term) and I just keep trucking along.

But, it's taking a long time.

Alright, moving on!

Last night, I took down a workout called Relentless. It was strength based with an insane tabata-like metabolic finisher. I neglected to take a picture of the board. Fail. Sorry. But it was good. I was a Sweaty-Betty for sure!

Yesterday and today are serving as a reminder that I like to eat when I am board, or when I *think* I should eat.

"It's 2:00. I should have a snack"
Um, nope, I'm not hungry.
"but, but, 2:00. Food time. Eat"
Nope. Still not hungry.

You get the picture.

So, last night, I just got to the point where I went up to bed. I was NOT hungry. If I WAS hungry, I totally would have eaten something. But, I wasn't. I was just "munchy". So, I went upstairs to get away from the kitchen.


I already know that I am a stress eater. The past 2 days at work especially, have been very stressful. I want to reach for munchy food. But, I have held out so far. Went for a few walks around the building, quickly, just to release some energy. Each day will get a little easier.

I also noticed yesterday I ate a lot less than normal. I'm sure you guys know, there will be days you are ravenous, and days you could care less. It all evens out in the end, usually.I'm logging all my food just to be sure I have good macro balance.

So, to sum it up - I'm moving forward. That's all I can do, right??

I can't leave you without another update -- we didn't get those sweet kittens I showed you last week. WAHH! BUT, we continue to look for 2 furry pumpkins to add to our family. I will update you when I find out more!

And finally, I will leave you with my two little weird-os
Josh: Say What?

Sammy: MY balloon!



  1. Onward, mama. I have days like that as well, where I want to eat everything in sight & then could care less the next. :-)

    1. Exactly! Weird how that happens!
      So excited for you on the book! Rock on, lady!!