Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Conquring fears - Check, Sad decisions - Check.

Lapse in time again, I know. Sue me. You guys understand, I know.

I am down a few more lbs, but my stupid ticker at the top won't load so I can update it.

I looked my fear in the face and went to a new "Power Playground" workout last night. I was ready to do it last week, and after seeing a video of the stuff they were doing (rope climbs and monkey bars in particular) I got super nervous. 

So I did something I have never done with a workout at Tuff Girl.

I canceled it because I was scared.

Momentary lapse in courage.

But, I mustered the courage up and I went last night. Cause you know, when you are afraid of something - sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and dive into it.

Take a look: 

It was something, for sure! Whew!

The rope climb has become my new nemesis. The technique is tough for me. I need more core and hip flexor strength to make it work. I will keep trying.

I WILL make you my BITCH
Add some super heavy sleads: 

Bar hangs, and an awesome sledge hammer to a massive tire and that was only about 1/3 of the workout. 

I'm not sore yet. But I will be. Oh yes. 

This past weekend was so incredibly busy. I started off Saturday morning with this:

It was a good one! I had a great partner, too. A friend of mine met me over at the gym and we tackled it. 

The rest of Saturday was devoted to this:

Wedding reception

With the beautiful bride. Not a flattering pic for me, but that is a size Medium dress!
I sang at the wedding of a lovely friend and hubby and I went to the reception. It was all a little far from where we live, so we left the house around 12 noon and didn't return till almost 11:00PM. That's late for this old lady!

Sunday involved church and meetings and FINALLY catching up with my babies.

And just like that, the weekend was gone!


I'm transitioning into a new position at work and it's busy. One person has an issue with me being in the new position. Unfortunately, I have to work very closely with her. I hope we can work together professionally until she realizes I am awesome.

The situation I spoke of a few weeks ago came to a head and is now over. Unfortunately, we had to ask for the resignation of our music director. He was a friend of mine, and doing that really sucked. And just as I suspected, I have not heard from him. I'm sure I won't, and that this event has not only up-ended his life, but ended our friendship. It makes me sad. But in my position, I had to put my feelings for him aside and look at the situation from a professional perspective. When I did that, the answer was clear. Sad, but clear.

Anyway, keep moving forward guys...

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  1. I loathe going to new classes & that sort of thing. I have no rational explanation, it's just part of who I am. Congrats on powering through that!