Saturday, July 5, 2014

RICE and things on my mind

RICE: rest, ice, compress, elevate.

No, I'm not really injured, but my know what's to know what the fuck I am thinking running on it and then using it for things like squats, and walking, and standing upright.


So, I'm being proactive before it gets injured and while it's sore and mad at me to elevate and ice.


I was very happy with today's workout. I did my C25K first, and finished with some heavy weight intervals. I wanted to work on ropes fir my final round, but some chic was using them in some kind of dancy-thing. I tried to wait it out, but she was there fir a long time, so I decided to forgo the last round. I wasn't upset, I was already spent!

I don't normally blog on weekends, but it's helping get my mind of of some stressful things coming up. The worst being something I talked briefly about last week will be coming to a head. Having interactions with a person who is going to be hurt and I will have played a part in it, and they don't even know it's coming yet. Oh, damn. It's ridiculous. I don't want to be fake to them. Laughing and joking all while knowing what's coming is just a slap in the face...

What can I do?

Avoid like the plague
Although that is not working so far.

Just venting. Now I will de-ice and try to sleep.

Keep moving forward...

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  1. Hi! I am a new/old lurker/reader. I used to follow your blog quite a while ago when I was blogging daily and then I stopped writing and subsequently stopped reading everyone! Anyway, I have been writing for a little bit now and have started to peruse all the old blogs I used to follow and was so happy to see you are still around! So many are not :( Anyway, I am stunned by your progress! You look amazing and I look forward to continuing to follow you in the future. :)