Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pool Workout and the next DietBet

Hello all!

Well, I think my pool workout was a success. I mean, if you don't sweat, does it still count? I was out of breath, muscles were burning. Good signs, right? 


Ok. Yesterday was a good eating day. No, there were no cookies involved, so yes, that makes it a good day. I thought we were having steak for dinner, but I forgot it was "Taco Tuesday"  -one of the few days I can get my boys to sit down to an actual meal - so steak will be tonight.

I love taco Tuesday because it's just as yummy to me without things like rice or tortillas, just in a bowl. Dump on some salsa on some spicy turkey breast, add a little cheese and I'm a happy camper.

Plus, leftovers for lunch. Yesss....

My knee is bothering me AGAIN. What the actual fuck, people. Just when I am getting back into running and I am actually WANTING to run. Figures. Even in my pool workout last night, it was hurting with some of the vigorous kicking I was doing. 

I hate being on a roll and my stupid body gets in the way.

Wow, that was a loaded statement, wasn't it. Gonna have to think on that one.

No workout tonight because of rehearsal. But I like to move around a lot during rehearsal, so I end up walking around (when I'm not on stage) for most of the 3 hour period. I figure it's certainly better than nothing.

I told you guys a few weeks ago I was participating in a DietBet. I did really well, lost more than the 4% needed and won back $54 - pretty sweet I'd say! I looked through some other dietbets starting soon to participate again, but I didn't know any of the peeps, so I decided to start my own! I like to be proactive, ya know. It's open to anyone (but I mostly just invited some friends and family)so if you want to check it out GO HERE

I really just thought it was a fun way to keep on track. I know some people use it as a marketing tool, or something, but to me, it was just a good time. Apparently money was a good motivator for me! Ha! 

Super hot and humid here today so I am continuously reminding myself to drink enough water. Chug-a-lug, people.

That's all for now!

Keep moving forward!

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