Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pool Workouts and Cookies for Dinner

I hate being an emotional and stress eater. 3 cookies for dinner at a stressful meeting last night - NOT my finest hour. I wish I could spill my guts here, but on the off chance a certain someone is reading me, I gotta stay quiet.

I can say that I have been a part of something that is going to impact a friend negatively.  This person has brought it on themselves, and unfortunately, it has to be done. I am fairly sure I will completely lose the friendship. Suck, suck, suck.

However, eating cookies for dinner (I should have planned ahead and had dinner prior, but my tummy was in knots over this) just makes me feel like crap. Duh.

Tonight: Pool workout. Not leisurely floating in the pool. A real workout. It will be my first. We will see how it goes! This is the plan:

Pool walks: circling the pool (waist deep or higher). Getting the heart rate up. Not sure how many times. Maybe 5?
Side Leg raises: 10 each leg
Floating crunches: 15
"Superman": (imaging the motion you use to get up and out of the pool, or up and over a wall) -10
Pool walks: another 5?
Scissors: Fast kicking hanging onto a pool noodle or the side of the pool
Hands only swimming: (look ma, no feet!) 2 lengths of the pool
Pool Walks

Or maybe one of these I found from THIS website

I have no concept of how challenging this will be. We will see and I will report back.

Dinner will be steak and salad. 

That's all for now. 

Keep moving forward....

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