Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hitting the Gym - it does your SPIRIT good!

It seems that weekly posts are as good as we are going to get around here right now. 

I didn't set foot in the gym all weekend. Usually my weekends are scheduled around my gym time. Nothing of the sort this past weekend. I was exhausted, and hubby and I are shouldering most of the work on the show we are in coming up in August. We spent all weekend working on costumes mostly. We are actually starting to panic just a little that things are not going to come together...

Anyway, once Monday hit, I was really ready to hit it. I can tell when I haven't gotten to the gym in more the 2-3 days. I start feeling very sluggish and depressed. So, Monday I went to the gym and did this:
Sorry, the writing it messy. Hey, I make it up 5 minutes before I do it and I'm always anxious to get going!

Love me a heavy sled to push around!This is about 295#
I felt great afterward. I never regret a workout, that's for sure.

Then last night, I did this:

Another Power Playground workout at Tuff Girl. This was brutal! Check out the metabolic circuit that we went through in between strength moves! Yowza!

Tire flips! Cargo nets! Slosh pipe! Love, love, love!!

I really, really, loved it. And just in case you didn't see it in my last post. I DID THIS:

I cannot hide my pride! I remember last summer doing the Fitathalon and practically needing my coach to carry the lower 1/2 of my body in order to cross the monkey bars. NOW I CAN DO IT! I'm going to keep working so I can do hand-over-hand.

I attempted the rope again, and got up a little further. I'm going to conquer that bitch too!

I didn't weigh in this week. I didn't want to see it, because I felt so sluggish and heavy. I don't know that my weight is actually affected, but the way I was feeling? Well, I didn't want to feel any worse.

I will weigh in on Saturday and take what's there.

Eating has been pretty good, but the weekend was a little off.

Tonight is rehearsal and we are doing all choreography. In the heat and humidity. God, grant me the serenity!

Tomorrow night is another playground. I can't wait!

Keep moving forward!

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