Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Almost Wordless Post

Cause things are crazy, and I have almost no words. Because of things like this:

And planning this: (Poor Sammy has to have his party almost 3 weeks after his actual birthday! This WILL be his invite, once I change the name on it.)

But still doing this:


Sunday Slam:
4 minute intervals

TRX round 1
10 rows
10 chest press
10 ham curls

Round 2
Ropes variation
40 Slams
40 Singles
15 circles (each direction)

Round 3
10 Weighted squats (40#)
10 single arm row (each) (30#)

Round 4
10 floor db press (30#)
15 weighted bridges (60#)

Round 5
20 Switch steps
10 rev crunch

Round 6
10 push-ups
10 box jumps

Sleds x2 - 460#!!!! 

 I feel a little like this:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hitting the Gym - it does your SPIRIT good!

It seems that weekly posts are as good as we are going to get around here right now. 

I didn't set foot in the gym all weekend. Usually my weekends are scheduled around my gym time. Nothing of the sort this past weekend. I was exhausted, and hubby and I are shouldering most of the work on the show we are in coming up in August. We spent all weekend working on costumes mostly. We are actually starting to panic just a little that things are not going to come together...

Anyway, once Monday hit, I was really ready to hit it. I can tell when I haven't gotten to the gym in more the 2-3 days. I start feeling very sluggish and depressed. So, Monday I went to the gym and did this:
Sorry, the writing it messy. Hey, I make it up 5 minutes before I do it and I'm always anxious to get going!

Love me a heavy sled to push around!This is about 295#
I felt great afterward. I never regret a workout, that's for sure.

Then last night, I did this:

Another Power Playground workout at Tuff Girl. This was brutal! Check out the metabolic circuit that we went through in between strength moves! Yowza!

Tire flips! Cargo nets! Slosh pipe! Love, love, love!!

I really, really, loved it. And just in case you didn't see it in my last post. I DID THIS:

I cannot hide my pride! I remember last summer doing the Fitathalon and practically needing my coach to carry the lower 1/2 of my body in order to cross the monkey bars. NOW I CAN DO IT! I'm going to keep working so I can do hand-over-hand.

I attempted the rope again, and got up a little further. I'm going to conquer that bitch too!

I didn't weigh in this week. I didn't want to see it, because I felt so sluggish and heavy. I don't know that my weight is actually affected, but the way I was feeling? Well, I didn't want to feel any worse.

I will weigh in on Saturday and take what's there.

Eating has been pretty good, but the weekend was a little off.

Tonight is rehearsal and we are doing all choreography. In the heat and humidity. God, grant me the serenity!

Tomorrow night is another playground. I can't wait!

Keep moving forward!



I am SO proud of this!

The first time I've ever been able to do this!
Well, technically it was the 2nd time - because I did it once in the workout and then AGAIN for the camera!

I'll be back later with a full post!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Conquring fears - Check, Sad decisions - Check.

Lapse in time again, I know. Sue me. You guys understand, I know.

I am down a few more lbs, but my stupid ticker at the top won't load so I can update it.

I looked my fear in the face and went to a new "Power Playground" workout last night. I was ready to do it last week, and after seeing a video of the stuff they were doing (rope climbs and monkey bars in particular) I got super nervous. 

So I did something I have never done with a workout at Tuff Girl.

I canceled it because I was scared.

Momentary lapse in courage.

But, I mustered the courage up and I went last night. Cause you know, when you are afraid of something - sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and dive into it.

Take a look: 

It was something, for sure! Whew!

The rope climb has become my new nemesis. The technique is tough for me. I need more core and hip flexor strength to make it work. I will keep trying.

I WILL make you my BITCH
Add some super heavy sleads: 

Bar hangs, and an awesome sledge hammer to a massive tire and that was only about 1/3 of the workout. 

I'm not sore yet. But I will be. Oh yes. 

This past weekend was so incredibly busy. I started off Saturday morning with this:

It was a good one! I had a great partner, too. A friend of mine met me over at the gym and we tackled it. 

The rest of Saturday was devoted to this:

Wedding reception

With the beautiful bride. Not a flattering pic for me, but that is a size Medium dress!
I sang at the wedding of a lovely friend and hubby and I went to the reception. It was all a little far from where we live, so we left the house around 12 noon and didn't return till almost 11:00PM. That's late for this old lady!

Sunday involved church and meetings and FINALLY catching up with my babies.

And just like that, the weekend was gone!


I'm transitioning into a new position at work and it's busy. One person has an issue with me being in the new position. Unfortunately, I have to work very closely with her. I hope we can work together professionally until she realizes I am awesome.

The situation I spoke of a few weeks ago came to a head and is now over. Unfortunately, we had to ask for the resignation of our music director. He was a friend of mine, and doing that really sucked. And just as I suspected, I have not heard from him. I'm sure I won't, and that this event has not only up-ended his life, but ended our friendship. It makes me sad. But in my position, I had to put my feelings for him aside and look at the situation from a professional perspective. When I did that, the answer was clear. Sad, but clear.

Anyway, keep moving forward guys...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DietBet 2 and sick again and The Race

Yes, I'm sick again...

It's really weird. I was thinking, not too long ago, that it takes quite a bit to get me sick nowadays. And in the last few months, I have been sick several times. All colds that take me down for a few days. They sit in my chest and makes exercising very difficult. Frankly, it's pissing me off.

However, I know for a fact that my stress level is MUCH higher the past few months because of work and the show. And I'm thinking that may be why. Thoughts?

I started my own dietbet, but I'm a loser and no one wants to join it. So, it's going to be canceled. Oh well, maybe I'll try starting one another time. So, anyway, since I think they are so much fun, I joined a different one that starts tomorrow. I'll weigh in tonight and get moving. Another 4% down - here I come!

Live Love Lift

The Race...

No, not some TV show. Our lives.

I follow this fantastic community called Push over on Facebook. She is one of the Weight Loss Rebels and she always has really interesting things to say. Yesterday she talked about a race. (This is all paraphrasing the very eloquent way to say this.) The race is just you. You aren't against anyone else. You have to run around a track 7 times to "win" and get to your "prize". So, you are jogging along and about 3 laps in you're like "I'm tired of this same old track, round and round in circles. I'm just going to sprint and get this shit over with" So you run your ass off. You are on your 6th lap and you simply cannot move on anymore. You are completely spent. Nothing left to give. So you stop. And you give up. Just shy of your goal.

So, what did you sprint for?

Who were you racing against?

What was your hurry?

I dunno. Sometimes I feel like if I don't get my exercise in everyday I am going to "fall behind".

Fall behind what? I have no idea.

Take now, for example. Being sick - not a good idea to go to the gym. I rescheduled my class till Thursday (assuming I feel better). The stress of feeling like I am "behind" or on some kind of time clock is not helping me in ANY way, shape or form! 

I like the tempo I am at right now. I'm not sprinting, but I am moving along at a good clip. It's all good, and I'm not going to let my sudden anxiety-driven urge to sprint take over. All it will cause is collapse on the sidelines for too long. Ya know what I mean?

Alright, let's switch gears for a second. You know you wanna see this:
My C25K finish on Sunday, before I started feeling like crap.

Taking the boys out to play in the rain on 7/4

Toothless! My Thing 1 lost his first tooth! And swallowed it! HA!

Keep moving forward, guys... whatever pace works for you!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

RICE and things on my mind

RICE: rest, ice, compress, elevate.

No, I'm not really injured, but my know what's to know what the fuck I am thinking running on it and then using it for things like squats, and walking, and standing upright.


So, I'm being proactive before it gets injured and while it's sore and mad at me to elevate and ice.


I was very happy with today's workout. I did my C25K first, and finished with some heavy weight intervals. I wanted to work on ropes fir my final round, but some chic was using them in some kind of dancy-thing. I tried to wait it out, but she was there fir a long time, so I decided to forgo the last round. I wasn't upset, I was already spent!

I don't normally blog on weekends, but it's helping get my mind of of some stressful things coming up. The worst being something I talked briefly about last week will be coming to a head. Having interactions with a person who is going to be hurt and I will have played a part in it, and they don't even know it's coming yet. Oh, damn. It's ridiculous. I don't want to be fake to them. Laughing and joking all while knowing what's coming is just a slap in the face...

What can I do?

Avoid like the plague
Although that is not working so far.

Just venting. Now I will de-ice and try to sleep.

Keep moving forward...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pool Workout and the next DietBet

Hello all!

Well, I think my pool workout was a success. I mean, if you don't sweat, does it still count? I was out of breath, muscles were burning. Good signs, right? 


Ok. Yesterday was a good eating day. No, there were no cookies involved, so yes, that makes it a good day. I thought we were having steak for dinner, but I forgot it was "Taco Tuesday"  -one of the few days I can get my boys to sit down to an actual meal - so steak will be tonight.

I love taco Tuesday because it's just as yummy to me without things like rice or tortillas, just in a bowl. Dump on some salsa on some spicy turkey breast, add a little cheese and I'm a happy camper.

Plus, leftovers for lunch. Yesss....

My knee is bothering me AGAIN. What the actual fuck, people. Just when I am getting back into running and I am actually WANTING to run. Figures. Even in my pool workout last night, it was hurting with some of the vigorous kicking I was doing. 

I hate being on a roll and my stupid body gets in the way.

Wow, that was a loaded statement, wasn't it. Gonna have to think on that one.

No workout tonight because of rehearsal. But I like to move around a lot during rehearsal, so I end up walking around (when I'm not on stage) for most of the 3 hour period. I figure it's certainly better than nothing.

I told you guys a few weeks ago I was participating in a DietBet. I did really well, lost more than the 4% needed and won back $54 - pretty sweet I'd say! I looked through some other dietbets starting soon to participate again, but I didn't know any of the peeps, so I decided to start my own! I like to be proactive, ya know. It's open to anyone (but I mostly just invited some friends and family)so if you want to check it out GO HERE

I really just thought it was a fun way to keep on track. I know some people use it as a marketing tool, or something, but to me, it was just a good time. Apparently money was a good motivator for me! Ha! 

Super hot and humid here today so I am continuously reminding myself to drink enough water. Chug-a-lug, people.

That's all for now!

Keep moving forward!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pool Workouts and Cookies for Dinner

I hate being an emotional and stress eater. 3 cookies for dinner at a stressful meeting last night - NOT my finest hour. I wish I could spill my guts here, but on the off chance a certain someone is reading me, I gotta stay quiet.

I can say that I have been a part of something that is going to impact a friend negatively.  This person has brought it on themselves, and unfortunately, it has to be done. I am fairly sure I will completely lose the friendship. Suck, suck, suck.

However, eating cookies for dinner (I should have planned ahead and had dinner prior, but my tummy was in knots over this) just makes me feel like crap. Duh.

Tonight: Pool workout. Not leisurely floating in the pool. A real workout. It will be my first. We will see how it goes! This is the plan:

Pool walks: circling the pool (waist deep or higher). Getting the heart rate up. Not sure how many times. Maybe 5?
Side Leg raises: 10 each leg
Floating crunches: 15
"Superman": (imaging the motion you use to get up and out of the pool, or up and over a wall) -10
Pool walks: another 5?
Scissors: Fast kicking hanging onto a pool noodle or the side of the pool
Hands only swimming: (look ma, no feet!) 2 lengths of the pool
Pool Walks

Or maybe one of these I found from THIS website

I have no concept of how challenging this will be. We will see and I will report back.

Dinner will be steak and salad. 

That's all for now. 

Keep moving forward....