Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Steps

It's official. I have resigned from my position at the university. It was a very scary move. It was like - this is really it. I am really moving forward, moving on. I wrote the letter, and it took me a while to send it. But I know it was the right decision. Then, last night I was chatting with my mom. My mom is not big on change. When I suggest any big move on something - her reaction is usually "really?" "Are you sure?"... that's just how she is. Cautious. Last night she told me that even though she is usually nervous about change, she thinks I am making the absolute right decision in moving into this new career. She said the really feels I can make a difference in peoples lives, and that NOW is the right time. She knows I worry about the kids, and not spending enough time with them, but so much of this decision is for them. So that I can be secure in the future, and give them what they need. It will be hard sometimes, but worth it in the end. My mom said I was brave. I cried. Her support is so important to me, and she always has my back - but for her to tell me she REALLY believes that this is the right move - well, it just solidified everything for me. My mom is my mother and best friend rolled into one. She is such a rock for me in my life. Her support and approval is beyond important. And I have it.
I have another appointment with the head of nutrition at the Hospital of St. Raphael's next week. I am very excited to see this side of this career. She seems very nice and I thanked her about 8 times for her time. I am sure she is incredibly busy. I am seeing her and another nutritionist, Jenn Krebs, on the same day. Lots on info on Wednesday - and maybe even a pedicure in between! :-)

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