Friday, February 18, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.. it's off to work I go...

It's Friday, 2:00. I am working. Ok, I am blogging, but I am at work and I have been working all day. All week, actually. My first full week back to work. It went quickly. Quickly in the holy-crap-their-are-not-enough-hours-in-the-day way. Kids at Grandma's, kids at daycare (scary!)... who's going where? what time? what do they need? *Ack!!*
I'm trying desperately to adjust to the new schedule, but I walk into my mess of a house and I groan. I leave here at night and go to 3 hour classes, and I am exhausted. I drop off my tiny baby boy to daycare, and I cry. Why am I doing this again?
Ohh, yes. For me.
Wait... it's already starting to sound selfish. I walk into the house in the evening, and I have 1 hr with my little Sammy till his bedtime, and then 45 min-1 hr with my big boy Josh till his. It's very different from the way things used to be. I miss them. A lot. I can handle it, but how are they coping? Only time will tell.
I'm doing this FOR them. So we can buy a house with a yard to play in. So they can have security with BOTH parents. And so I can move into a career I am passionate about. Doing that will make me happy. Being happy is contagious - so therefore it will make them happy, right? Or I am really stretching here?
My workout schedule is a mess right now - Mondays and Wednesdays are out of the question. I am going from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm when I finally walk in my front door. The other evenings are hard, unless I do all home workouts after they go to bed... I suppose I could go to the gym once they are in bed, but usually there are so many other things to do (prepping for the next day, eating dinner, etc) that home workouts are the only option. I went Monday-Wednesday this week without a workout at all. Yesterday I got a nice sweat session in and I felt SO much better. I have to figure this out so that they are more regular again... Figuring things out is tiring. LOL
My eating has been *ok*. Mostly eating clean, with a few exceptions. Now, I don't mind exceptions...however, when they are brought on by emotions, like stress or depression, I worry. It's one thing to just make a choice to eat something because you want it. But, when you feel like you *need* it because you are stressed - well, that's unhealthy. I think it's something I will always be working on.
Down 150 total, folks. In 30 more, I will be at my goal, and I will be calling my plastic surgeon. That's right - this body is going to get fine tuned. Hey, when you've been in the upper 300's for a good portion of time, your skin just isn’t going to go back to where it was, no matter how much strength training you do!


  1. I'm sure it is going to be overwhelming at first but once you get a routine going it will get easier. I admire you for what you are doing because I know it is hard!I remember missing Nikki sooooo bad when I was at work and I was going to school too so I can sympathize. But once your dreams are realized life will be so good! Hang in there Kelli! Di :-)

  2. And remember...I will be your financial person once you are up and running! lol