Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Inspired by another blogger ( I wanted to write a little something about honesty. Or rather, dishonesty. There are many weight-loss blogs out there. People losing weight, or trying to, and blogging on their successes and failures. *Some* out there, however, are not honest in their postings. My only questions is: Why? Who are you fooling? Who are you hurting? Only yourself. Just because you don't write it down, doesn't mean it didn't go into your body. People have to learn to just own up to their choices. For instance, I chose to eat a cupcake this evening! No one MADE me - I certainly could have NOT eaten it. But I did, I documented it on MyPlate (yes, I enter EVERYTHING I put in my mouth!). What would be the point of lying to my online food guide? Um, I still ate it! The calories are STILL there! OWN IT.
My guess would be that some out there don't want to disclose their indiscretions to the internet at large. Well, then, don't blog. Or at least, don't make your blog all about your eating and weight loss. People look to you for advise, inspiration and they also need to know you are human. We all have our moments where maybe we make a choice that wasn't the best. We need to move on from that and not dwell. Every moment is a new moment to make a good choice. I DID eat a cupcake - and then I had a big green salad for dinner. I moved on.
I dunno, maybe this post doesn't have a real point. I just feel as though we ALL need to start being honest - with OURSELVES.

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