Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Job

SO excited to finally be able to say that I got the job I have been waiting for! I start on Monday with orientation and Tuesday right to work at the office. It's exciting, and nerve wracking all at once. It leaves a lot less time to spend with my little ones, especially when I am in class two nights a week as well. But, as my very wise mother often says - "things won't always be this way. Things are always changing." And she is so right.
I have been hired as a casual, and I was told y my supervisor that it was just to "get me in the door faster". I told her point blank I could not stay a casual. I need paid time off, I need the tuition reimbursement benefit, and I need a place to park. I get none of this as a casual. But, I will do what I have to in order to get going.
Today specifically marks a sad day for my family. It's my cousin Brian's birthday. A life cut so tragically short. Our family still has no real answers. I think we have come to peace with it in our own way. "Peace" being a very subjective term. I love you Brian, and I know you and Mima and the rest of the Powers Clan are looking down on us.
Classes going well... I finally had my communications class for the first time this past week because of snow, and the professor is very funny.
My gym has now brought Zumba in, and I am very excited. I can't wait to find time to take a class... lol, however, I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future. Anthony was cast in a show and his rehearsals are Tues, Thurs and Friday nights, while I am in class Monday and Wednesday. Hm. When am I going to see my husband, you ask? At 5 AM when we have to be up and getting ready to leave for work. Good times. *sigh* All together now: "Things won't always be this way!" (Thanks, Mom)

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