Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am AWESOME. And so are YOU.

I am so very tired of anticipating what I am going to do wrong everyday.

Was that breakfast food wrong?

Was it wrong to start this morning with a coffee drink?
Always in regard to food, and even seeping over into other parts of my life. Damn, I am so tired of beating on myself! My fear, of course, is if I'm not beating on myself, I will just dive back into old habits.

But I think there needs to be a happy medium.

A place where I am not fooling myself into thinking my unhealthy habits are healthy, but a place where you move on from something you do that may not be the "healthiest" and not allow it to become something I drown myself in guilt over.

I'm tired of feeling guilty. Tired of feeling "wrong" and "bad". I want to feel good about myself. There is so much that goes into that, though. It's not JUST losing weight. It's accepting myself. Understanding what I want (to be healthy and fit)and forgive myself for being..well.. HUMAN.

I will be striving to find that place where I am forgiving and loving toward myself. I really believe it is in that place I will find "wellness". Isn't that what we are all striving for, really? To be "well", in whatever terms we deem appropriate?

For me, my "wellness" includes:
- being free from food (including food guilt and addiction-like tendencies)
- feeling calm and relaxed (at least MOST of the time!)
- feeling energized, and well rested
- feeling happy with my career
- having quality time with my family

Having these things will require I do OTHER things that sometimes I might find challenging, like being physically active everyday (which helps me feel energized), making good food choices (which helps me toward feeling free from food addiction, helps me feel energized), but not allowing myself to be bogged down when I make a mistake (helping me be calm and relaxed). Going to bed at a decent hour, and not overbooking my schedule (helping me to feel well rested, calm and relaxed, and to spend quality time with my family). Prioritizing my life to focus on what is really important to me (going to school for what I love, which will lead me to feeling happy with my career).

And while all of these things will bring me to my wellness, they are hard work! And guess what? I'm NOT PERFECT. But I have to MOVE BEYOND that.

So, today, I will try to make a special note of every time I make a good choice. Writing all this down in a good choice. Kudos to me! When I eat my healthy, delicious lunch I packed for myself, I will make note of that awesomeness.

I AM awesome. I do AWESOME things.

SO ARE YOU. No matter where you are in your journey RIGHT NOW, you ARE awesome and you do AWESOME things. Keep doing them - and not only that, give yourself some credit!

My Facebook status last night was "Even when I make mistakes, and I make a LOT of them, I will never quit. I will try everyday"

This doesn't have to be just about eating and weight loss. It's about anything in life.

So, what is YOUR wellness? What do you need to do to get there? What have you done that is AWESOME today???

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  1. Falling is okay as long as I do not stay in the dirt. I have to get right back up again.