Monday, November 14, 2011


I mean, we all go through the ups and downs of eating well and getting fit and healthy. I am once again, (Thank you, Lord!) on an upswing.
I sucked it up this morning and stepped on the scale. I knew it was going to be bad, and so I had been avoiding it.


*sigh* certainly not good, but honestly, I expected a LOT worse. I am FEELING a lot worse. I feel like I've put on 50lbs. It's amazing when you are smaller (I know, not SMALL, just SMALLER)when you put on some weight, the's extraordinary. When I was over 300lbs, 9 lb gain would have been nothing. Water weight over a weekend of eating crap. This 9 lbs has been a few weeks in the making, and it's as solid as it can be.

Today is going super well. I'm eating great. Tons of veggies, protein, drinking my water and planning on doing some TurboFire tonight. I just feel better. Maybe because I faced my scale demons? Maybe becuase other plans are progressing and it makes me feel productive? Maybe because I finally went back to the doctors, found out I had pneumonia and got meds? I dunno. Whatever it is, I'm happy about it.

2 tests this week. Amazingly enough, the semester is almost over... I need to be sure I am on top of things. I have to do well in these classes. I'm meeting with my advisor on Wednesday about next semester and my schedule outlook for the next year or so. I want to get as much in as I possibly can over this next year. I would like to find a way to finish the degree within that time, taking into account Summer and Winter interesessions. We shall see. After my advisor meeting, I am picking the kids up early from school, bringing Sam to his 15 month appointment, and BOTH boys will be getting shots (UGH) before I ahve to being them home and run out to class. I feel for whoever is watching the kids that night, because Anthony has rehearsal, and I have class.... poor grandma and popop!

Speaking of which - my mother in law fell and fractured her elbow. They are unsure if they are going to cast it, and how long it will take to heal. Not sure what I am going to do if she can't watch Sam those 2 days a week - that would be another $60 a week in daycare that I just don't have... Not sure where to go about it from here...

Well, that's it in a nutshell for now. I'm excited to get out of work and get home with my family. I have a workout, studying and cleaning to do tonight... so, send me lots of energetic vibes!


  1. You were brave and wise to get on the scale. Don't eat over it or anything else and stay brave. This battle can be won.


  2. CHEEEERING you on from TX.
    this can be won.

    you are winning.



  3. Hang in there and keep focused on your plan. Hope your MIL is going to be OK.

    Have a successful day!