Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cleanse Day 2

I know these posts are getting further apart, but I am here. I'm on day 2 of a wonderful clean eating cleanse. It's tough, but I need it. My pants were getting snug instead of loose. My tops were hugging a little too much of the middle. No way, friends. I'm not going that way.
So, day 2 so far has equaled a huge headache and not packing enough food to sustain me through my class tonight. Well, if nothing else, it's a learning experience. The hubs is cooking up some lean, clean chicken burgers and quinoa (or sweet potatoes, not sure) so as soon as I get home, I'll be fed and happy.
For anyone wondering, the cleanse is a fantastic program put together by my trainer, Christa, over at Bodyology. It's all clean eating. Really watching portions, and working out to burn off the fat! The first few days can be hard (they are for me) because of sugar and caffeine addiction. Thus, the huge headache. But, it really shows me how addicted I am to the stuff. I mean, I would have done almost anything for a Starbucks mocha this morning, anything except give up on myself. Thank goodness for that, because I was able to drive right by. (ok, there MIGHT have been tears...)
Hubby is joining me, hardcore this time, in the cleanse. So, basically it means we are both miserable. But, we will thank ourselves, and each other, once all the crap is out of our system and we are feeling fabulous (any time now, would be good)
School tonight - presentation of research paper. Only a few more weeks and then I'll have a little break from all the evening classes,rehearsals etc. What am I going to do with all that time, you ask? Oh don't fret, I will think of something!
Got some of the BEST news - Brother and his family will be coming to visit this month!! And though he won't be here for "Christmas" per sei, they are coming for the week before. I am SOOOO excited! Another awesome thing about them coming at that time is we are baptising Thing 2 the weekend they will be here! Perfect timing!
Ok, well, I'm off to class. Wanna get this presentation over with so I can relax!

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  1. Good luck, I cannot do Starbucks! Way too much too expensive!