Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sadness, and surgery date

With a big sigh, I am back here in Blog land.

The sadness, fear and anxiety I have been feeling has not lifted. And it is nothing, NOTHING in comparison to what my neighbors in Newtown are going through.

All I can do is pray. Pray for the families healing and comfort. And I pray for my children, that they will never, ever have to endure what so many there had to witness and live through. And that they will never be in the position of those 20 angels.

Another way to work out the sorrow is a movement that has been started called 26 Acts. Go out and commit 26 Acts of Kindness. The world needs kindness and generosity and love so much right now. I started this morning, and I am going to keep it going. Think about it. What acts of kindness can you perform today?

Ok, moving forward. I don't want this post to be all about the tragedy.

The days and hours are barreling toward Christmas at an even faster pace than I am used to. Shopping is basically done, with the exception of a grab-bag gift and one other gift for my nephew (I know what I am getting; it's just going to be about finding the time to stop and get it).

The boys are all set and I think they will be very, very happy at what Santa has in store. One thing we have already given them is a guinea pig - *sigh*... he's chill and easy to care for, and the kids LOVE him. We named him Vito. Vito, the Guinea. My husband’s idea of hilarity... and well, I laughed my ass off when he came up with it.

Eating has not been great, but not horrible. No binging, which I am happy about. I have not lost anything, but I have not gained anything either. No excuses, it's just been on the back burner.

I am acutely aware, however, of my surgery coming.... I actually have a date. March 6 will be the day I will literally shed my former self. I want to give my surgeons as much as possible to remove, so obviously I want to be a small and HEALTHY as I can be. I am developing a plan - a longer version of the week long challenge, but with some changes, as I have had a real aversion to meat lately. I haven't eaten almost any for a few weeks now...

I’ll update again soon with the plan of action. Right now, I am trying to not stress (well, after my math final exam tomorrow, anyway) and taking the time to enjoy my family and friends in the coming week. If I wasn’t sure where my priorities were before last week, I sure know now.

Peace, love and comfort to you all

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