Friday, December 28, 2012

Surgery, fund-raising and 26 Acts update

Hello and happy Friday friends!

I have only been working 3 days this week, but WOW it's taking forever! SO GLAD it's Friday!

Just so everyone can rest easy: I FINALLY got my spicy shrimp last night. Aren't you relieved??
And even bigger score is hubby made enough for my lunch today. Win!

You all know I have been working toward my surgery. My date, March 6, is set. My nerves are setting in already. This surgery means SO MUCH to my health and well-being, mentally and physically. I can't believe it really happening. I am still afraid it will be snached away somehow. I was thinking about it today, and I think the fear comes from my fund-raising efforts.

You may be wondering WHY I need to fundraise if the insurance company is covering the procedures (which they are -AMAZING) Well, here is why: I need to cover expenses like hospital co-pay, post surgery compression garments (damn, they are pricey!) and I still need to cover all of the normal house-hold expenses I normally take on when I am working. Because I don't have nearly enough paid time off (because of hubby's call-out policy in his office, I am always the one who needs to take off when the kids get sick), I will have 2 weeks of unpaid time off. But, daycare, groceries and utility expenses still have to be paid while I am recovering. So, that's what this fundraising effort is for.

I need to raise about $2500, and so far I have raised $300. I have an incredibly generous donor who has offered to match my donations, up to $1000 to get to my goal - can you even believe that???? However, even if that match happened at this point, I would still only have $600 - that's just about the hospital co-pay.

If you are reading this - take a moment to look at my fundraising page (you will see the link to the right or click HERE) and read my story. Perhaps, if you are able, consider making a donation. It will go a very long way in helping me reach the goal I have worked so hard for.


Also - I realized I didn't update on my 26 Acts of Kindness - It's still on-going! I have lost count! LOL - but that's a good thing, because I have gotten my hubby and kids involved and we are just going to keep trying to do kind acts everyday. I distributed 15 holiday cards onto windshields, bought coffee for several people, and distributed 2 gift cards to people I don't know. It makes me feel so incredible to do something like that for someone, knowing it helps them to be happy. We all deserve to be happy!

What makes YOU happy?? How are going to make someone else happy today??

Peace, my friends


  1. Good luck in your efforts! I had to pay for mine all out of pocket so I love that your insurance is going to cover some of it! You deserve it!

  2. oh i'm doing this one too....and i've enjoyed seeing what you're doing and will be copying these ideas :D