Monday, May 13, 2013

No Longer MIA

Sorry I’ve been MIA – maybe you didn’t notice. No matter.
I was pretty sick last week, and I struggled with my eating big time. It’s a battle I will never be rid of. No matter how much weight I lose, I will always struggle and battle with food.
On the bright side, I bought a pair of size 10 capris this weekend. I never would have even thought to try them on – I mean, if you had asked me before yesterday, I would have told you I was a size 14 bottom. For real. For “fun” I tried on a 12, so see how far I had to go to get into them. Pulled them on, zipped, buttoned, no problem. I showed hubby and he said told me they looked too big. I danced around the store a second and grabbed a 10. A little snug, but there was no way I was going to pass up getting my very first pair of size 10’s. I always assumed I would be at least a 12 in pants, cause, well, of the junk in the trunk. Yup. Big ass. I’m embracing my shape (not my weight, not my strength – both of which I am working on still, but my SHAPE) junk and all, and was going to settle for my bottoms always being larger than my tops. Well, people – MAYBE NOT
I was going to take a picture, but well, I forgot. I’ll try to remember it later and post it.
Tonight I have a take-home math exam and budgeting project due. I also have my final for one of my classes tonight. My 2nd final is tomorrow night. I feel like an insane person right now. I just need it to be over. I’m so tense, I feel like my shoulders are in my ears.
Cooked up clean eats yesterday and trying very hard to be diligent. I have not been 100% clean today so far, but I am taking things one step at a time. Yes, I’m cutting myself a little slack with the caffeine especially because of finals. I’m OK with that.
Wednesday begins my super-duper training schedule. I am SO PSYCHED. I’m going to train for this maniac like my life depends on it, and then I am going to top it off with a “Strong is Beautiful” photo shoot. That’s right. I’m going to go in for a photo shoot at Bodyology at the end of summer, and show off some of this well earned muscle.
BUT – I can’t really think about any of this until AFTER TOMORROW NIGHT.
Fuel for today:
Coffee with cocoa
Meal 1: Quiche
Meal 2: red pepper stuffed with quinoa, black beans and rotel
Handful of M&M’s, coffee
Meal 3: 4 oz plain greek yogurt with 4 oz blue berries
Meal 4: Clean muffins, 2 tbs PB

I hope you are all well, and those of you who celebrate – Happy belated Mother’s Day.


  1. Nice to have you back! I've been reading but not commenting much because I haven't got much to say and life is busy busy busy. You're looking great, love that April 2013 photo! Your eats sound pretty good to me. :)

  2. I have junk in the trunk too, and I know I will still have it even after I lose weight! But I like it. So great the size 10 pants fit!