Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teeny tiny

This is a tiny update - cause it's super duper busy today.
Yesterdays workout went great. I didn't stick to my list perfectly, because there was just so much cool stuff to use, like battle ropes and weighted sleds. BUT, mostly I did the list, twice through, and added a bunch of reps for each action. I was dying by the end, cause I kept going with no breaks.
One lesson learned, however. I couldn't get my hands on a barbell for dead-lifts, so I thought it would be smart to use kettle bells for romanian dead lifts. 45 lbs per hand. This did not go well. I think it's becuase of the center of gravity on the bells being different than even using dumbells. More strain on my backs than quads. Well, I know better for next time.
1: Quiche
2: PB and paleo muffins
3: large veggie salad with black bean/peppers/tomatoes/pineapple/onion.
4: Not sure

I feel SO HUNGRY today. Ever have one of those days? Well, it's 1:15 and I'm officially out of food, so I gotta drink lots of water and suck it up!

Later peeps!


  1. I'm having that "I can't figure out if I'm starving or full" weeks... it's weird. Happy Thursday!

  2. Dude - teeny tiny updates just like you - teeny tiny!

  3. Teeny tiny is okay sometimes. Great workout yesterday!


  4. I have never used kettle bells. Deadlifts in general hurt my back! I must not have the form perfected yet.

    Yes, I sure have had those days where I am starving all day! I feel like Godzilla ready to gobble up a major city.