Monday, May 20, 2013

No M-F'IN Bueno

Afternoon, Bloggers:
I literally have 10 minutes left of work before I run, but I wanted to pop in quickly and give you the update.
Thanks for the little “no bueno” reminder KELLY – I agree, not eating on plan is NO MUTHER F’IN BUENO!
So, I am certainly back to eating on plan, no little off-tracks here and there. Just clean. No excuses.
The weekend was GREAT for eating. It was a struggle at times, but I pulled through. I also found a way to drink my coffee in the AM without any added shit.
I have figured it out financially to go to Tuff Girl at Bodyology 3 times per week from now through near the end of June. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me, it really is. Financially it’s very hard to find the funds, but I KNOW it will be worth it. Hubby is very supportive. Near the end of June, I will struggle to purchase the next class pass and I will use it for 3 classes per week, instead of the normal 1-2.
Went to class on Saturday, and I will go tonight, Wednesday and Saturday for the next few weeks. I am so freakin’ stoked.
Fuel for today:
Chilled coffee with 1 scoop “About Time” chocolate protein powder. Lovely
M1: clean quiche
M2: leftover spicy shrimp and veggies.
M3: 2 clean muffins with PB
Training: Drowning in Sweat
M4: 4 oz Italian crock pot chicken with steamed tri-colored peppers
Now working on 70-90 Oz of water.

I’ll be back tomorrow to give you more deets. I hope you are all making good choices!

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  1. No good, no mas bad things. Good to hear we're both on the same page. :-)