Wednesday, May 15, 2013

random jumble and phantosmia

I have so much random stuff going on in my brain right now, that I will warn you – this post will likely be scattered and not make a ton of sense. You have been warned.
Last final completed last night. YES. Now I have a whole 2.5 weeks till I start my summer class! At least that one is online only, thankfully! Meaning I can get it done on my lunch breaks at work, after the kids go to bed, and on weekends. It’s only 4 weeks. I’ll make it work. One step closer!
I am expecting A’s in both classes. Actually, probably A and A-. I’m really grateful, but I put a lot of stressful hard work into making sure these classes didn’t get the better of me, even being away from them for a few weeks in March.
I woke up this morning (actually I first noticed it at 3AM when Thing 2 got up briefly) that my throat hurt and felt all swollen and closed up. WTF people?? I was JUST sick last week! I don’t think I’m sick, however, I think it’s just horrendous allergies. My hubby said he feels the same way this morning. Maybe it was a bad idea to leave the window open while sleeping last night? I dunno.
(edited later to add – I now have a headache, and my body feels like it’s been hit by a truck)
So, my first thought is a nice, hot beverage will do WONDERS for this throat thing. SO, I go for a coffee cocoa. M-Fer. It was so freaking good. So, of course, bring the little addict that I am I walked down the hall to get another. However (and this is where you can stop rolling your eyes at my indiscretions) I got down the hall, and decided that this was enough. No more. I got some hot water and made some herbal tea.
I’m done.
This will not derail my day. I will not feel as though I’ve “already f*cked up, so who cares if I eat…” This black-and-white thinking is something I think a lot of people battle. It starts out innocently – “just one”, and then rolls forward to another, or more, and then becomes “well, screw it”.
Not today.
The breaks have been applied.
Fuel for the day (including my indiscretion)
Coffee cocoa
Meal 1: clean quiche
Water, tea
Meal 2: 4 oz plain Greek yogurt, 4 oz blackberries
Meal 3: 2 slices Ezekiel bread, toasted, with 2 tbs PB, 1 cup steamed broccoli with garlic salt
Meal 4: 1 banana, 2 hard boiled eggs
Training – Relentless @ Bodyology
Meal 5: large veggie salad, 4 oz organic chicken, grilled up with some seasoning and fresh pineapple.
I’m going for my first mid-week training session tonight. I’m so excited to get to Bodyology 2x per week in the summer and have to time to hit the gym another 3 or so days.
While I was pregnant with Thing 2, I was diagnosed with this thing called phantosmia. It’s when you smell things that aren’t really present in your environment. I was checked out and it was deemed that it was not due to anything serious. My doc was unsure why I developed it during pregnancy, and sure enough, when I had Thing 2, it did seem to go away.
Now it would be one thing if the smell was something pleasant. Flowers, rain… you get the idea. But I smelled cigarette smoke.

All. The. time. I smelled it so much, I felt like I could taste it. I’ve never been a smoker but have been around many of them. It may be the worst smell I can possibly think of to plague me day and night. And now, my friends, I have it again. Let me say this before you get any smart ideas:
But here it is, in all its smoky glory. It’s revolting. It’s giving me a headache. NOTHING gets rid of it. I spray pretty fragrant mists around me and it helps for a few seconds and then it’s back. Same with eating – eating a meal helps, but does not get rid of the smell.
I’m praying this goes away very soon. It’s killin’ me.
Alright, I have to get back to work here. As mentioned above, when I started this post, I was feeling ok, and that’s going downhill. I just have to make it to 4:00 and through my workout…
Good God, its only 11:41.
Pray for me.


  1. Even though I am big amateur medical geek, I have never heard of phantosmia...WOW...that sucks! Hope you feel better all around ASAP, girl.

  2. Yikes! I detest cigarette smoke, so I feel for you. I'd never heard of Phantosmia, how bizzarre. Hoping it goes away soon for you as well as these other sickly symptoms. Good job with the classes!

  3. I never heard of phantosmia either. How awful that it's cigarette smoke that you smell instead of something like lavender. Hope it goes away soon.

    Ah yes, I know all about that black and white thinking that you mentioned! I play that mind trick on myself a lot. It has led to many a pound gained back!