Friday, May 31, 2013

Not bitter...

I know, I know… MIA again. And this is going to be a short one too.
I’ve been hitting the gym and Tuff Girl like it’s my freaking JOB. Yesterday I dragged hubby with me and did the following. These are using machines.
In case you don’t get my cryptic language here, it’s laid out like this:
Exercise, weight x number of reps x number of sets
Leg ext 90x10x2
Seated leg curl  70x10x2, 2 @ 90
Glute press 85x12x1, 105x10x1
Lat pull down 90x8x1, 90x10x1
Chest press 65x10x1, 70x10x1
Tri’s 70x10x1, 75x8x1
Bi’s 50x8x1, 45x8x1

For the following, we were trying to figure out our max. Each of these is our max for 5 reps (K is me, A is the hubs). These are using dumbbells.

Double overhead shoulder press
Single overhead shoulder press
Single arm bent over row
Leg press
K=190 – I was a little disappointed in this number. I tried to go to 210, but couldn’t budge it.
A=390 – holy shit, I was proud of him!
I’m taking part in Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge that begins on Monday. I am still creating my 4 goals. I know what I want to do – it’s just putting them into SMART verbiage.
Tonight is a rest day. Tomorrow is the HULK at Tuff Girl and rehearsal, and Sunday we are busy all freaking day singing at a nursing home with church choir. Normally I am happy to do this, but we didn’t find out till last minute, we already need sitters for tonight and tomorrow because of rehearsals, and then with Sunday, I won’t see my babies all freaking weekend. I can’t say no, because I will probably be the only soprano, and the hubs is ALWAYS the only tenor. We are seriously depended on so “no” is just not an option, but it makes me angry. I don’t WANT it to make me angry – but my entire weekend might as well already be over.
But I’m not bitter.

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