Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sick and sicker

I went to Bodyology last night and worked my ass off. Mostly strength, with a massive metabolic finisher that almost finished me, but I played the mental games I needed to play to get through and I did it. 
I've decided that I'm going to do a muther f'in unassisted pull up by the end of the summer if it kills me. 
After the workout, I was actually nervous to drive. My adrenaline came crashing down and I was shaky and exhausted. I got home and crashed hard after dinner, shower and meds. I slept till 2, when Thing 2 woke up crying. Hubby got him back to sleep. At 3 Thing 2 was up with a nightmare, and by 4 he was up with a fever and sore throat. 
Sounded familiar.
So, I'm home today with Thing 1. Doc has said it is not strep, so that is a blessing. I can't say I'm sad about being home, since I still feel like crap-ola. 
And yes, still smelling the smoke. Glorious.
Guys, my eating is not great at all. I'm feeling super low-motivation. I will keep hanging on till my motivation moves into an up-swing. 
And now, the obligatory sicky photos:

Peace, peeps 

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  1. Hey mama, what's going on with the eats? No me gusta hearing this from you. More things like how you want to do unassisted pull ups, please.