Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... (or you'll drown)

Fuel for today, tweaked from yesterday

½ cup oats, ½ cup fresh blackberries, 2 egg whites, 2 tb pb
4 oz chicken breast, ½ bag steamed veggies, 68 grm sweet potato, hot sauce
1 banana, 1 hardboiled egg with black pepper
Training: Bodyology – Tapout Tabata

I’m a little stuck on dinner. I will get home from training about 6:20 and I have to leave for rehearsal at 6:45, and there needs to be a lightning fast shower in there, so I don’t offend anyone at rehearsal. I could do one of the following:
Hardboiled egg (already made in the fridge), 1 slice Ezekiel bread (toast) – but that’s kinda a lot of eggs for one day
Salad to bring with me - but will have to ask hubby to make it before hand, and that could be tricky, depending on the moods of Thing 1 and Thing 2...
Rehearsal will run until 9, and I don’t really want to eat when I get home.
I’ll figure it out.
Water all day.
Right now my weight goal is 175 (sound familiar?) That’s 20 lbs from where I am now. It could take months. I have to remember as long as I am putting the right things in my body and getting my sweat on, I’m doing the right things.
Next weigh in is June 24.
I’m not turning away from my fitness goals, mind you. They are still in process; I’m just giving more focus and honesty back to my food.
And more honesty to my life.
I need to reduce my stress and daily load. Right now, I’m working full time, 2 kids, school part time (yes, even in the summer), church and church committee, theater group show (which includes finding time to learn and memorize music) going up next weekend, thank GOD), cooking, cleaning, and working out. It’s just too much. And summer was supposed to give me some breathing room!
I’m re-prioritizing. I’m not going to be performing with the theater group I co-founded. I’ve been feeling the pressure to be back on stage with them, and I gave in for this upcoming concert. I can’t do this again. It’s stressing me out too much.
This makes my hubby sad. I know that is why I have not made this decision before, but I am making it now, and he is supporting me.
School – well, I gotta keep going. It’s the only true way I can feel comfortable helping people with weight loss. I want to be a Registered Dietitian. No, I don’t subscribe strictly to the FDA’s guidelines. I think they are getting better, but they aren’t enough. I won’t be preaching “My Plate” – but having the degree WILL give the scientific knowledge I need to accurately convey what I feel is good nutrition to a client. It also makes me a much more credible practitioner.
In a dream world, I would be able to work with clients NOW, and go to school FULL TIME so I can git ‘er done. In order to make that work financially, I would need more than 20 clients. Not likely to happen right away.
The church committee is a commitment I made that I simply cannot leave at this time. The committee *should* be done with our duties by the Fall. I am praying this is true, because it is also very time consuming.
Sorry for all this rambling. It’s all swimming around in my head, and this is my place to put it.
That’s all I’ll subject you to for now. Peace, people.

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  1. Forget moving mountains....I think your schedule and all you have on your to do list is much harder. But you are doing it... you are amazing. Keep going girl!

    I know the decision about the Theatre is sad, but perhaps when the church committee thing is done, or you finish school, maybe you'll have time to do it again. ;)