Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moving forward...

Fuel for today:
1 scoop “About Time” protein, ½ cup frozen blueberries, water - 140
1 piece quiche, ½ cup blueberries - 398
4 oz chicken breast, 60 gr (yes, it was tiny) sweet potato, ½ bag steamed veggies, hot sauce - 240
½ banana with 2 tbs PB -275
Large veggie salad, oil and vinegar, 4 oz turkey breast  - haven’t measured it all out yet, I’m expecting it to be about 350

Training tonight, 40 minute “Sworkit” Lower body killer
55 oz of water so far. Plan on 40+ more.
Chicken/turkey  is cooked in olive oil and some salt, pepper, flick of red pepper flakes. Black pepper and hot sauce on all of lunch.
Cals 1296, Fat 35 g, Cholesterol 413 mg, Sodium 3152 mg, Carbs 120 g, Fiber 24 g, Protein 113 g, Sugars 36 g

Fuel for tomorrow:
1 scoop “About Time” protein, ½ cup frozen berries, water
½ cup oats, ½ cup fresh blueberries, 2 egg whites
Zucchini lasagna
½ banana, 2 tbs pb
Training: Bodyology
Large veggie salad, oil and vinegar, 6 oz shrimp

Thanks for the comments yesterday. Many reflect what I have come to figure out. The scale will always be part of my life. As a binger, and as a formerly very obese (and still obese) person, I need it to be honest. I tried to “trust myself” and it simply doesn’t work.
A special thanks to NORMA, who has reminded me to “Keep it fucking simple, Stupid”, and has sent me a list of the best foods to keep is simple and unprocessed. I didn’t consider that my making dishes were “feeding” my inner fat girl, mentally. Leading me toward cravings for other things. But, it makes total sense. And from one former binger to another, I get it.
In the same vein, I will not waste the food, which is clean, that I made this weekend, so it will be interspersed into each day.
Weighed myself again this morning, and that damn 195 stuck. So, there it is. Not for long.

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