Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back to the fitness, and the price of sanity

In my defense, I DID warn you yesterdays post was not about fitness. :-)

Thanks to the few of you who responded with your thoughts. It nice to hear outside perspective. Obviously it’s a difficult situation and one that is going to require a lot more thought and processing on my part.


A few PR’s for you:

24” box jump x 2 (YESSSSS!!!!!)
195 lb hex-bar dead lift x 5 (paid very close attention to form, because I felt my knees want to cave inward, but I didn’t let them. I kept them pressed out and pushed through the quads. Awesome)

The hubs and I have been talking a lot. He really wants to start exercising regularly and lifting. *I* really want him to, as well. Because he is currently overweight, he feels incredibly insecure going to the gym by himself, ESPECIALLY for lifting. Totally understandable. Up to this point, I have been spending all my workout time at Bodyology (you all know how much I totally, utterly adore it there).


The more we talked, the more I realized how much more comfortable he would feel if we were going together to the gym. We certainly can’t afford to both go to Bodyology… so… I think I am going to take a leap, cancel my Bodyology (which is a good chunk of change for us, as you know) and start getting down to business at our local gym. I’ll put together some lifting sessions for both of us based on what I have learned, and some metabolic sessions as well.

The hubs wants this, but is also very nervous. He knows how hardcore my workouts are, and how hardcore I make them at the gym. And frankly, if I’m giving up Bodyology, I cannot afford to come down in intensity. It’s much harder to push yourself to the right place on your own. He’s starting in a much different place than I’m at, and is worried he won’t be able to do things. We talked about working at our own individual level for each workout… but he wasn’t happy about that. Maybe there is some kind of intimidation factor? I dunno.

I think it’s the right thing to do for my family. It means more together time, helping hubby develop some really healthy habits, and less worry about how much $$ I’m spending every month.

This could be super awesome for us. However… I’m not above being led down the “oh, let’s just skip it today” road. NO ONE is immune to that feeling, especially once it gets cold and dark. I asked my hubby for a real commitment, and so far I’ve gotten a luke-warm commitment.

So, let’s just say nothing has been decided. I still have all of November with Bodyology. I don’t have to let them know for another few weeks if I am going to cancel.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I started therapy. I might have. Anyway, the woman I am seeing is great. I am hoping this works out. Weekly co-pays are a bitch when your check is right down to the penny already. I know it’s an important part of my learning to love myself, allowing myself to take up space, and allowing myself a healthy, normal relationship with food.

You can’t really put a price on that – can you? If you could, it would probably be worth a lot more than my co-pays.

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